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TFM Show: 12/12/2020 - Alaska As Plan B

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Published on 16 Dec 2020 / In Travel & Events
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anonmachina 1 month ago

I have been to Alaska.

It is almost a world of its own.

The Winter temperatures are brutal, but survivable, if you prepare properly.

If commerce were to come to a halt, one can survive, but as with many things in such an environment, gathering resources will take a lot of effort, nevermind competing for said resources.

Bears, Moose, Penguins, Elk, and other can be found. And there is always fishing. As a last resort, quartering and storing the flesh of vegetarians should be considered.

Joking on that 'last resort'.

(Personally, I would probably trade services or goods for fish or other foods should my hunting be lacking or game become scarce. I am a competent mechanic, computer and data retreival specialist, to name but two of various skills).

-46F really opens up the nasal cavaties when you first step outdoors. (I purchased a sheepskin coat [with hood of the same material] for the first Winter I visited, and, along with a sweater and a thermal undergarment, I could stay outdoors five hours straight. Thermal boots, double pair socks, thick jeans atop thermal pants, double gloves, earmuffs, and goggles completed the wear gear).

I have not been to Alaska in quite some time, but the sheepskin coat lives on.

Resources. Resources. Resources.

Redundancy, particularly in essentials, such as utilities (heat, water, energy). More than one method of transportation. And so on.

It can be done. But, if you depend on services from other parties to stay afloat, and do not have wealth from which to draw, you may be placing yourself in a precarious position.

Anchorage--away from the city--is what I found appealing. Also, areas further north and of Anchorage. (I never visited Juneau, since it is physically separate from what is mainland Alaska, and thus not an area I found geographically appealing).

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