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Published on 17 Feb 2020 / In Gaming

Tetris Friends is an online website where you can play upwards of 10 different types of Tetris, earn coins, buy upgrades, customize your tetris parts, rise through the leaderboards, earn medals, complete missions, play slots, collect rubies, befriend strangers, stylize taunts, and move forward on your road to becoming a tetris master! All it needs now is a princess to save and it'll be game of the year! Watch the video for more information ~ and leave a comment on your thoughts, they'll help me improve in this whole, "being sociable" thing I'm trying! :)

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Video Topic: Tetris Mayne
Video Music: Tetris Music probably, idk, I write the description before I edit.
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Links: http://www.tetrisfriends.com

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