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Published on 09 Mar 2021 / In Non-profits & Activism

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Go your own way guys

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Sir 3 months ago

That's a nice, Compelling Speech.

However, in the Real World, circumstances & Variables may require meeting a Force of Violence .i.e Bullies, with opposing Aggressive Force. Otherwise, the Violence from Bullies or similar is likely to Continue unless they feel there is a threat to them of Retaliation & Ramifications for their Violent Actions. Bullies can come in the form of an Individual/s or Group/s.

And Life Experience in Bad environments, demonstrates , Bullies that continuously Impose themselves upon others can either ONLY be Confronted or perhaps Avoided. But they tend to Rarely stop otherwise by a person Staying in such Environments or Circumstances and being Passive.

In example, I dare anyone to try an experiment with addressing Bullies and/or Violence in Rough Neighborhoods or Places anywhere in the World with Passive behavior. I'm sure most people will learn fairly Quickly that tends to Fail in Reality more than not. And as the Expression goes, "In Life - You Get What You Let - especially from people.

Lastly, if Terry Crews was so Upset with being Sexually Assaulted , then he Should NOT have waited " Years" to Speak out about it like some Woman.

Even, at the time of the Alleged Assault upon him he had the Money and Influential Popularity to File charges Against the supposed “high-level Hollywood executive”. Yet, Terry Crews didn't because he claimed he Feared of being ostracized or Sent to Jail.
UHM, that's utter Nonsense, Mr.Crews. Perhaps if you didn't Listen to your Wife and Hired a good Lawyer ( that you could've Clearly Afforded at the time ) to Advise you Instead , you could've Addressed the Alleged Sexual Assault rather Whining about it years later in the Public arena like some Woman playing the Sympathy card.

And of Course, this is an Example of what Results when a Man Listens to a Woman rather than Thinking for Himself with some Reasoning & Logic.

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Maxxx 3 months ago

Strength comes from standing up.

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Alpha_Male_Lifestyle 3 months ago

I personally knew Terry in my hollywood days nicest guy you will ever know

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Doggk 3 months ago

He seems to be someone sympathic on the first sight, not a bad guy at all ! I think you should make a video about his story.. the abuse that some men experience on a daily basis in their households, work, etc.. is a good topic! ;-)

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Shadewalker 3 months ago

Two wrongs don't make a right.

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