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Tech Your Business Podcast by Peter Banigo

Published on 10 Jul 2024 / In Science & Technology

Tech Your Business
A weekly podcast simplifying & amplifying tech trends and innovations for Business owners overwhelmed by Technology.

In this episode of the Tech Your Business podcast, Peter Banigo chats with Richard Blank, CEO of the Costa Rica Call Center, about outsourcing operations like sales, customer service and back office support. Show #27. Outsourcing Operations Overseas.

Get tips on outsourcing operations overseas from call center expert Richard Blank of the Costa Rica Call Center!

In this episode, Richard shares 16+ years of lessons learned on managing remote teams effectively, competing with industry giants like Amazon, and the pros and cons of outsourcing vs handling operations in-house.

Gain insights into building company culture, empathy and flexibility when leveraging global talent to drive efficiency and results for your business!

Richard shares lessons learned from 16+ years running a call center abroad, including the importance of company culture, empathy, flexibility and frugality.

They discuss strategies for competing with industry giants, tips for effective remote team management, and the pros and cons of outsourcing vs handling operations in-house.

An insightful conversation on leveraging talent globally to improve efficiency and boost results!

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