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TAOGYOW - Rant # 8675309!

TAOGYOW - The Art of Going Your Own Way!
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Published on 20 Jul 2021 / In Film & Animation

Recognize the #?

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Sinister1270 13 days ago

Thank youuuu TAOGYOW!!! I been neglecting my food storage. Just got back from the store . Loaded up

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TheManInside 16 days ago

ZA, they only got what they wanted.
I predict we'll have the same in Europe in maybe a year. I'm seeing more and more foreigners everyday. They don't come here to be productive, won't take long for hunger to reach a breaking point.
How long till the neighbours need to be awake at night to prevent strange people from entering our street? I'm ready to be standing at the beginning of the street with one of the precious metals all night to defend what's mine.

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crimson hawk
crimson hawk 16 days ago

after terence popps covid series where he said " if you thank for one second that it cant happen here YR OUT OF YR GOD DAMN MIND", I think anything can happen

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jimbennett 16 days ago

it's just a coincidence..
roaring 20's plus 80 year lifespan = 2001 - 2006 housing credit boom..
1926 florida land bust plus 80 = 2006 land bust..
1929 stock market crash plus 80 = 2008 stock market crash..
1929 - 1939 great depression = 2009 - 2019 great recession..
1939 - 1945 mass death ww2 = 2019 - 2025 mass death by covid / vaccines..

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thisisamgtowaccount 16 days ago

That's an interesting pattern.

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