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Taking good care of my Bro's - A Bed Roll or a Box.

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Published on 10 Aug 2022 / In Film & Animation

This is why I carry a basic bedroll with me at all times.....

Bed Or Dead

And it does not have to be a particularly great bed, just warm and dry and keeping you off the cold ground or ute tray - but one that is good enough for a few hours at the most... and it's a HUGE help.

Finding a few choice locations - where there is deep mown and watered couch grass is good - it's like a softer mattress... Beware of the municipal sprinklers that come on at 11pm in small travelers resting areas... For day time rests the council travelers resting places in small towns etc., with their BBQ's, their toilets, and fresh water are brilliant..

How to build a bedroll.

The base:

The idea is to have a good WARM lightweight, compact, easy to carry bedroll, in the car

A good basic thermal and moisture barrier... It makes wet ground workable.

And they help to stop the self inflating mattress from getting punctures on long sharp stones and pointy sticks.


Or these:


These are not brilliant but they are helpful enough to make them worth having, especially in combination with the EVA rolls or squares underneath.


The double sized sleeping bag, lays out flat, and seals drafts and makes the cold air go OVER you, rather trying to go through you.

Now these are GOOD sleeping bags - but they have their limitations. Depending upon your climate and seasonal variations etc., they average out to be GOOD for the low land areas in more temperate climates, NOW because your traveling and fully dressed, this makes is a much WARMER situation where it's around ZERO degrees and cold and windy.... AND the size of them means that for really tall guys you can pull your legs up a bit and then cover your head... which is a HUGE help.

In the warm weather, depending on the temperature etc., you can do with only a WHITE sheet to keep the insects off you, or the hot sun if you have limited or no shade to get under...

You can also wear - in VERY cold conditions - like well below zero and very windy areas, a nice thick beanie, and under clothing warm garments, and an extra layer of insulation over the top of the sleeping bag - like a tight weave cotton sheet for instance. The idea of the homeless people sleeping under a few sheets of newspaper is actually very good - you do stay VERY Warm. So the bedsheet on the outside of your bed, helps to trap the warm air in the bed, and it makes a HUGE improvement.


There are tons of good places to pull over and get into for a while. The main thing is that you be well off the road, at least 20 meters - 50 to 100 meters is better, and that there be good thick and preferably TALL grass - as it acts as a low level wind break by reducing the air speed at ground level and the thick grass is NICE to lay a thin bed on - it's soft and warm...

The down wind side of inside wheat fields / canola etc. these can be very good in open plains areas.

Wind Direction - and sleeping behind protective shelter is an important thing - especially when it is cold and windy.

The car is a good wind break for starters - park the car side on to the wind and sleep there, or if the wind is gale force, aim the car front on to the wind and sleep at the back end....

Sleeping behind thickets of trees is good.. You have to keep yourself WARM and DRY and staying out of the wind is essential when it's cold - or if your in a desert area, where it's warm during the day and icy cold at night.



Always carry a reserve of water AND food to keep you watered and fueled up and alive.

And an hour or twos DECENT sleep when your "fucked" is better than dead when you fall asleep at the wheel.

The reason you fall asleep at the wheel is because your body and mind NEED to sleep.

So you can choose a easy to use bedroll or get your self a box.

You have choices.

Take good care of your selves.

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