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Syphilis Moms (HAWT!)

Published on 13 Mar 2024 / In Film & Animation
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WMHarrison94 8 days ago

If a kid is born to a dirty bitch with syphilis or gonorrhea, they literally can be blinded by cooties juices getting in their eyes... hence, all babies born now in the West get antibiotics, you know super cued up penicillin, in their eyes just after delivery.

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Dutch Cobbler
Dutch Cobbler 1 month ago

[Women legally put in charge of giving a shit about other people]

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Syphilis - Jesus Christ...

I think the issues are now so serious that syphilis is uncurable.



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eilisin 1 month ago

Should also look at the ratio of STD's between men and women. If I recall, in a Texas study, it was 15 women to every 1 man. I know a guy who is a top tier Chad. Fucks a new girl at least every 2 weeks. Got herpes, said he won't quit and refuses to use a condom. Girls don't complain, now he spreads herpes. Keep chasing those Chads and Tyrones ladies. Crazy how they wait in line for herpes. This society is doomed.

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sauger1001 13 days ago

Monk Mode is the Mode where most men use their BIG head more than the little one.

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