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Swiping On Tinder In Lviv Ukraine While Listening To Aaron Clarey


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Published on 24 Nov 2023 / In Entertainment

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MigTaoBrony 3 months ago

Is AMR looking for an incubator for his seed?

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Dallas_LooksMaxxer 3 months ago


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Lucifer333 3 months ago

Yeah AML is looking for a white womb, lol..white pussy maxing

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SuperMachoAlfa 3 months ago

Dam they are hot

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AcquireZeal 3 months ago

Are you starting to pick up on Cyrillic? It's just another alphabet, once you show what letters represent what, you can read names in it. Knowing the language, that's another thing.

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silverkinguk27 3 months ago

Saving up boom!

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BasedHarveyEpstein 3 months ago

All women want the bad boy. Thing is if many men became bad boys, this society would turn into a favela/slum like some countries in Africa or Central America. Even if it takes you 1-3 years to wait, just escort max, money max, gym max. You can't win in a society that supports women having free agency, cellphones, jobs, education, cars, and a society that supports polygamy and adultery. Real life Chads are those guys with many different baby mamas even in white communities the trailer park that do drugs and alcohol, but are kinda big, kinda extroverted, and will fuck anything. The reason why businesses owners hire women is so they can have a harem, but a sexless one.

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silverkinguk27 3 months ago

The last Tyrone I knew of was Schizo.

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