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Sunday LIVE: Trump the "Luckiest Man in the World", Declass Standing Order, etc (Superchats)

Published on 14 Aug 2022 / In People & Blogs

Maher; Trump's the luckiest man in the world: https://archive.ph/H5ayA
Trumps standing order: https://archive.ph/4vbMK
Attorney-client privilege?: https://archive.ph/lZ2Tn
Boomers hate Trump: https://archive.ph/RPnFn
GOP refuses to throw the Don under the bus as Dems enter denial: https://archive.ph/Ea6Po
Nuclear disaster updates: https://archive.ph/4yna5
Would the GOP Defund the FBI? Maybe: https://archive.ph/FdLP5
Hong Kong begins depopulating as people flee "totally not communism": https://archive.ph/6RQG4
Economist encourages Germany to "awake": https://archive.ph/KLfCY

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