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Sunday 60 Minutes of Grumpy Old Men

Published on 14 Apr 2024 / In Film & Animation

FT. #MA, #RP, JK the chat bot

Discord Chat One Time Guest Link:

Letting go of the Red Pill
What is your purpose?

RP's Channel

Monk Music's Channel

Whiskey Stills And Tumbleweed's Channel

Element's Channel

Misanthropic Altruist's Channel

Late Liberation Y

Shining Light's Channel aka Man Out of Time

Yoda's Lesson to Luke

Is this You?

Self Control is POWER

Spetznaz Bitchute Channel
Spetzaz Youtube Channel

Messenger's Youtube Channel ( aka Lazarus)

Penance, Blessings and Fathering the Boy Inside - Part 1

Messenger's Book - TRISKELION: A Psychological Survival Guide for Men (Male Psychology and Masculinity)

Lazuras - Thanatos

TFM's Book - The Way of Monkey

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