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Sugar Cravings, Red Meat, and Your Health | Max Lugavere | EP 456

Published on 17 Jun 2024 / In People & Blogs

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson sits down in-person with filmmaker and science author Max Lugavere. They discuss his upcoming film, “Little Empty Boxes,” that details his mother’s progression through dementia, which set Max on his life’s journey to understand and communicate the science behind health and nutrition. Dr. Peterson and Lugavere also discuss obesity, toxic exposure, hypertension, and elimination diets.

Max Lugavere is a health and science journalist, filmmaker, and bestselling author. He is the author of the Genius trilogy of books, including the New York Times bestseller “Genius Foods” and the Wall Street Journal bestseller “Genius Kitchen.” He hosts The Genius Life podcast, one of the top health and wellness podcasts in the U.S. His appearances on The Today Show, The Rachael Ray Show, The Doctors, and The Joe Rogan Experience have made him a respected and well-known voice in the field. His debut film Little Empty Boxes, a project 10 years in the making and the first film to document the science of dementia prevention, is available for pre-order now at LittleEmptyBoxes.com.

This episode was recorded on June 8th, 2024

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For Max Lugavere:

Pre-Order “Little Empty Boxes” (Film) http://littleemptyboxes.com

On X http://x.com/maxlugavere

On Instagram http://instagram.com/maxlugavere

The Genius Life on YouTube (podcast) http://youtube.com/maxlugavere

The Genius Life on Spotify (podcast) https://open.spotify.com/show/....5WkdjiVLo1kp3alPfFZI

- Chapters -

(0:00) Coming up
(0:16) Intro
(2:43) Where psychology and nutrition meet
(3:53) The Genius Trilogy: how diet plays a role in mediating mental health
(6:51) Watching a degenerative neural disease take hold, “a profound call to action”
(9:32) The food pyramid is a scam, obesity rates and risks
(16:29) Parkinson’s disease is a mid-life condition that only shows symptoms in late life
(20:08) Bridging science and journalism to tell important stories
(27:16) Richard Isaacson: from learning to collaborating
(28:26) Most physicians are not scientists
(29:37) Forty percent of Dementia cases are attributable to modifiable risk factors
(32:24) Diabetes and age adjustment for diagnoses
(33:47) Hypertension, the SPRINT MIND trial
(35:52) Nutrition is not the only risk factor
(41:38) Toxic exposure
(44:30) Hearing loss is a newly identified risk factor
(46:00) The majority of cases are likely preventable — you have agency
(49:20) Where to shop in the supermarket, the incredible benefits of extra virgin olive oil
(51:16) Whole Foods, not ultra-processed food-like products
(53:16) Food deserts, ultra-processed foods impact behavior like a drug
(56:35) Are you training your gut microbiome to crave sugar?
(59:19) The 12-year-old-boy diet
(1:01:30) If it has an ad on TV, avoid it
(1:04:02) Red meat is a health food
(1:08:07) Fortified grains are not a whole food
(1:11:28) Food propaganda has a serious effect, correlational dietary studies are not plausible
(1:14:50) The carnivore diet: clear advantages and potential dangers
(1:27:12) Changes in cooking habits, environment, and food access
(1:30:31) Fraud in the field of Alzheimer’s drug research
(1:35:33) Slowing progression
(1:37:44) ‘Little Empty Boxes’ — a must-see film

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