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Published on 15 Apr 2021 / In Film & Animation

Really? Hmmm. Not related at all!

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RoboCat 20 days ago

This isn't my particular field but I'm a medical professional and I can say with absolute confidence that there is no such thing as "sudden adult death syndrome". Those words don't even make sense together.

Then again, the video maker seems to be from the U.K. and he seems to be talking about it. The U.K. is an extremely hardcore leftist nation with a socialist government basically already installed. The rampant propaganda and censorship are both byproducts of leftism, especially in a socialist nation like the U.K. . However, this is what the people of the U.K. have demanded for at least several decades. You get what you fucking deserve.

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Hammerhead69 20 days ago

99 Problems is an awesome song.

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Drums McBashington
Drums McBashington 21 days ago

Been around since 1977. People have been around slightly longer than that. One would think they might have heard of this before 1977. SIDS is also sketchy. They cram newborns full of shit, first day on earth.

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mrghoster 21 days ago

Spooky Alien Dystopian Syndrome! In the past from time to time you do get a spate of sudden death's mainly in 3rd world countries? But this has appeared right in the middle of Covid? Now there's a big surprise? sudden death is a thing but not very common? Probably to date the best known is that of "Cot death" in Babies? Personally I wouldn't believe a word these CUNT's in Government tell us?

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