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Struggle Jennings - "Monte Carlo" (Official Music Video) GOD MUSIC


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Published on 03 Jan 2023 / In Music

Struggle Jennings - "Monte Carlo" (Official Music Video)

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Song by: Struggle Jennings
Video by: Massbaum

Angels & Outlaws

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Gold chains and wife beaters
Soft spoken loudspeakers
They called us bottom feeders
good for nothin’ drug dealers
30 spokes leaned back nugget pinky ring
Teachers said we’d never come to be anything
Caught up in a wild dreams
West Nashville Tennessee
Right off the interstate deep inside the city streets
All or nothing ready for whatever trouble brings
That’s just Monte Carlo things
That’s just Monte Carlo things

Life’s to short and we’re driving fast
Fighting demons on this path
Got the devil on our ass
Praying the angels bring the map

Where we’re headed lord only knows
Some young souls on a lonely road
Had no fathers to follow
Monte Carlo

Came up on the concrete down dirt road off a gravel street
Single mother with a only child had my mommas dreams and my daddy’s feet
Don’t bite your tongue say what you mean do as you speak baby play for keeps
This shit ain’t sweet better dig deep sleep is for the weak don’t accept defeat naw
Never buckle just shuffle cards cut the deck and then play your hand
If his heart ain’t right love is not enough gotta let ‘em go you can’t save the man
Never take a hand if you ain’t tried first worked your ass off and gave it all you can
Until that final slow ride in that bow tie stand for god in the devil's land

Stood tall on that concrete with a heart of gold and some lead feet
Kids to feed give ‘em what they need I refuse to be another dead beat naw
Lesson learned as the tires burned been a long road full of sharp turns
Catch all the curves give it gas and swerve eyes on the journey ‘til it’s all a blur uhh
Well I could never turn back now
Came too far to slow it down
Doing the best with all I know
Praying the lord will save my soul

#strugglejennings #montecarlo

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