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Stefan Molyneux Takes A Dump On MGTOW

The Realist Philosopher
Published on 29 Jun 2020 / In Entertainment

⁣From my 2018 to 2019 content produced after my youtube channel “The MGTOW Philosopher” was banned. This is from my new show “The Realist Philosopher.” Posting a lot of my content from oldest to newest, so stay tuned. Other platforms I'm on, and social media links can be found below ;)

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ivahn5678 13 days ago

Stefan loves to say he's smart, yet I've not seen one video where he explains the Egelian dialect or sun Tzu's the art of war. Yet, that philosophy fits perfectly in the shitshow we're stuck in. He also doesn't debate smart people, he usually gets people who are enthusiastic about a subject but not an expert to debate. The other people are just stroking his ego. If Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson avoids him like the plague, but Lauren Southern, who was outed as a whore who can't write her own scripts, are joined by his hip. Then yea, no thanks. Stefan is a guy who's knowledgeable, and trys to pass it off as wisdom.

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finkster 14 days ago

WTF you drinking mate ?

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The Realist Philosopher


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Sk8punk70 15 days ago

His wife (Christina Papadopoulos) is just as batshit fucked up and delusional as he is, so I can't imagine anyone with a modicum of sanity gravitating to either of them for anything other than financial status.

He has an estimated net worth of $1.5M (which falls into the top 8%) and they both have a long-standing history of giving terrible fucking advice to people. All I see is two more rich assholes sitting in a mansion telling less fortunate people how to live their lives.

Taking what he says (about a philosophy he knows nothing about) seriously would be like me going to a dentist for automotive advice.

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The Realist Philosopher

He actually has around 6 million in bitcoin.

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RogueEconomist 15 days ago

I have been married 42 years and I can say, the nature of women is that they are not loyal and when your back is against the wall, they will through you under the bus. It took me a long time to wake up. The nature of women is throughout the herd, there is no purple squirrel.

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 15 days ago

The reason other simps would oppose MGTOW is because the infiltrators, PUA simps and manginas are driven to doing so by fear, Lust and total ignorance also because they are blackmailed to do so by women they simp and lust for.

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particlefield 15 days ago

Are you on crack? Whoertchew?

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