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Stay Away From Single Mothers - MGTOW

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Published on 20 Sep 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Teaven and here's what he has to say: "Hello Sandman long time no see. I wanted to give you two stories about single mothers that have experience. A few months ago go I was on my way home from work when I spotted a car stuck in the middle of the road. I walked over to see what's up with this individual and apparently she ran out of gas. I help push her vehicle out of the way and offered to take her to the nearest gas station. I didn't realize she had 3 children in the back of her car until she told me, but I still continue to offer my help. Now please don't mistake me for simping for this woman. My reason for doing this was for job status not for sex and at this job I work they give big bonus checks with an employees of the month award for stuff like this. Now back to the story. As I help this woman with her children I began to get more or uncomfortable and annoyed, but not by the children but by the single mom. She was very verbally and physically abusive to her children and then ask me if I have a girlfriend or significant other. I said yes And tried my best to stay out of her parenting business. But this person could not keep track of her kids. One nearly wandered into oncoming traffic Where I had to guide it back to the sidewalk. After we got the gas and headed back to her car one of her children was still sleeping in my car while I was pouring the gas into her tank. By my shock I saw her yank the child out of the car to the ground and by the way all of her children are under 10. I had to give her a few words of parenting 101. For that scene I just witnessed I told myself I don't think the employee of the month award is ever worth doing this again. The next story is about a friend of mine who took his own life. He was dating this weird chick with a lot of red flags. I and many others brought it to his attention several times, but he ignored us and said that what they had going on together not even science or The devil herself could break it. Too bad he didn't realize he was dating that she devil. What caused his self deletion was that he found out that she had basically been playing him. The 2 kids he thought he conceived with her weren't his and that she was cheating. What's worse is when he caught the cheating he immediately tried to fight the guy and he lost. I got a call from him just a week before he committed that self deletion telling me all of this asking me what I should do? I told him Destroy everything and leave it all behind because it's not worth building back. I told him start somewhere else fresh and new. But he just kept on saying but I love her I can't live without her. I told him you you are going to have to because what you love is evil and it's a demon and it doesn't deserve love. He told me OK And hung up the phone and last week was the week I just found out he ended it all. So let this be a lesson to all men which is to stay away from single mothers" Well Teaven thanks for the donation and topic. I'll discuss your stories in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The Red Pill Ring: Anyways, now back to the cooch in a car with her kids clown world show. Who runs out of gas in the middle of a city? I've also seen women that locked themselves out of their car while the engine was running or that didn't do oil changes because apparently no one told them they had to and they destroyed their motors. But to be fair I've locked my keys in the car twice before. Both times I left them on the passenger seat. One time I was driving across the country in South Dakota and was tired but I still had my phone and wallet and called Triple A and they opened the door for me. I was running on only 2-3 hours of sleep. This woman should have paid the extra fifty or sixty dollars a year for triple A as they would have come and filled her car up with gas and sent her on her way.

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jeffclouser 25 days ago

Date Single Mothers only if they are widowed and the kids are grown and gone!

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csehszlovakze 29 days ago

Unless a man is infertile, I can't accept any "reason" why he'd date a single mother while him being childless.

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MAcohen 29 days ago

love is a strong enough emotion to justify all of it

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hqwebsite 29 days ago

This topic never gets old. It's like campaigning against drug abuse. Worth repeating.

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sauger1001 29 days ago

There are times when we're at our most vulnerable, we'll think with our little head, instead of our big one.

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SOLID_MGTOW_MONK 29 days ago

Children are more important than a relationship no question hands down. If she don't know how to love them, she sure won't know how to love him/you either. And she may have the dad enslaved by the state with the dad forbidden to see them while he wears the label society has stuck on him as the deadbeat dad, really sad.

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El Hombre por su Cuenta

Reasons not to get involved with single mothers:

_ One of the biggest problems is the drama around the child's father or children.

When the father frequents and takes responsibility for his children, one is going to have to endure that someone who had something to do and had a child with your girlfriend, a single mother, talks on the phone, sends messages and even sees each other every day, the truth is that Many single mothers have the fantasy of going back to the father of their child and starting a family with him, the problem is worse when it was he who ended the relationship, it is a trauma that is difficult for women to overcome, if this is the case and the Dad is still close enough that one day the ex gets the fever so that you end up with some giant painted horns or one day he just tells you "well I'm sorry I'm going to go back to the father of my son or children", without thinking much about whatever you feel, be careful.

_ Another problem that you will have to face is that you are nothing more than a guest and almost a stranger in an already established circle and family:

Everything may seem perfect at first you love the woman, she loves you, you accept her son, children and they accept you things seem to work well, you feel part of the family, but one day the relationship with that woman it's over, what's going to happen? Immediately you will be a stranger in that circle that will not be welcomed again, no matter how well you treated them or the money you have given them the gifts you gave them, there is no link that will keep them together, in the end you just went a stranger who spent time with his mother. This is especially inconvenient when you decided to stay a considerable time with them, it is time that they will not return and you will regret it all your life.

_ You will always be the second:

For a mother, her children will always be her priority, when a single mother decides to go out with someone it is because she thinks that she is also good for her children, or in another case she is desperate to get married and what is what she looks for in a man? The opposite of a single woman without children would look for, she will not look for the alpha male, she will look for a beta male desperate enough and unable to get women without children but with enough money to help her and her children, most single mothers have the mentality of using men, remember once they were in a relationship that they thought was going to last forever and it ended, they rarely get over that and always have some resentment left, if a single mother he looks at you is because you are probably giving the image that you cannot get young women without children. Are you willing to be seen as a last option? I do not.

_ You will take care of other people's offspring when you could take care of yours:

Many single mothers no longer have the intention of having more children or are even operated, that could prevent you from having your own children, even if it is not the case and you have a child with her, you will also end up taking care of and supporting the children of one woman who did not know how to make good choices as a partner who in most cases got pregnant very young and from an idiot equal to or worse than her without thinking about the consequences, in a few words you will be taking care of the children of two idiots and most likely Those children learn the attitudes of their biological parents, while you could be caring for and educating children who are truly yours. Think about it, what would you think if you had children and someone else took care of them for you, only a real idiot would do that.

_ The money:

Most single mothers do not have enough money, the father of the child obviously wants to continue his life to meet other women so he only gives him what is necessary or what he is obliged to, if you go out and formalize with a single mother little by little he will be taking out money from your wallet until it practically evaporates in matters of the house where she and her children live and you cannot protest because they are going to leave you with the typical
"If you accepted me then you have to help me and my children"
Nadani nobody guarantees that the relationship will last forever and you will be building a nest where not your children will grow but someone else's.

_ The need of single mothers to form a home and marry at whatever price:

Most of these women have already forgotten what true love is and are only looking for someone to commit to and hook up with, many of them only seek to get out of the situation of being alone and show society that someone is with Even though they already have children and that their past relationship did not work, with the pretext that they already have a family, they will not stop pressuring you to formalize the relationship, even to commit yourself, that is what really matters to them. Do not get any illusions that they really love you, they see something else in you.

_ Your reputation will be down:

Many people will tell you that you are a great human being if you accept a mother with her children, but the truth is that your parents will be disappointed, and your friends and acquaintances will see you with pity or other people's pity. Can you look your mother or father in the eye and tell him that his grandchildren are adopted? From a biological point of view there is nothing worse than taking care of someone else's offspring, you came to this world to take care of your own offspring because you can, not that of others. In general it is an uncomfortable situation, people will ask you is your son and you will have to answer no or maybe lies and you will say yes but it will be uncomfortable.

_ You are not their savior:

Although the reality is that a single mother is at a certain disadvantage, they will never accept that, for them if they like you it is for who they are and with everything they have, although it seems they will never consider that you are doing them a favor by accepting it so And how it is, so do not expect them to thank you, therefore hanging out with a single mother does not free you from being unfaithful, leaving you or doing anything that could harm you morally. Remember they come from a relationship that was once so great as to conceive a child but that ended so many times they take defensive positions.

_ Their feet are not on the ground:

If you have known several single mothers, you will realize that most of them live in somewhat strange situations, generally these women have not learned to make good decisions, especially in aspects that change their life, if so, they would not be in their current situation, yes. You create a link with a person who does not know how to decide well, one day one of his bad decisions will take you between the legs.

If for "x" reason you have a discussion with her:

Guess who or who are going to always be on her side and are going to hold a grudge forever even if she was the fault of the problem, so is her son or children, this is especially uncomfortable if you already have a formal relationship or worse You still live with her and her children, it is one of the most bitter and uncomfortable things that you can go through.

_ If they didn't even trade for her children:

Many single mothers, even despite having one or more children, want to continue living the life of alcohol parties and looking for a new boyfriend in bars and clubs as if they had never given birth, just think, if not even for their children they stop doing these things, what can you expect from them that you are just another boyfriend?

_ They don't learn the lesson:

Most single mothers are in that situation due to their immaturity, generally entangling themselves with a jerk who only wanted them temporarily for sex and still irresponsibly become pregnant with him without there having been a commitment and sometimes not even a formalization of the relationship between them, many of them do not change their mentality after this happens and even make the same mistakes over and over again, they do not understand that now they are in a different situation that has to be seen with more maturity and well that it is usually the root of all the problems mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

_ The worst:

There are women who have several children from several parents and are alone, when you meet one of those just run, run far, far away and don't look back. Just think about the type of mentality you must have so that all your relationships have been a failure and apart from all the irresponsibility that from all your failed relationships you had children, in these types of cases they are always the problem, with this type of woman I assure you that you will pass everything that I mentioned above multiplied by 10, simply a woman who does not do nonsense and has her feet on the ground would never reach that situation, something is really wrong with women of this type.




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lyhyemmat 29 days ago

You don't need anyone telling you to stay from single mothers.
Men INSTINTICTIVELY know they are shit, your lizard brain knows they are horrible demons.
Trust nature - single mothers trigger the same response as a poisonous snake.

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havok545 29 days ago

I'd call that bitch a demon.

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