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Statement On The Palestine Declaración sobre Palestina Spanish Subtitles

Published on 28 Sep 2021 / In People & Blogs

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InfiniteMushroom 2 months ago

A sure way to ensure that Dinar and Durham are actually used in the domestic economy is to require that all taxes be paid in the lawful money of the Koran. The fake currency can be used in foreign trade and backed by products made within Pakistan. Pakistan can buy foreign goods and issue the equivalent of "store credit." Notes that let the foreign country buy anything made in Pakistan.

Let's say that Pakistan buys some infantry equipment from Russia and Moscow accepts payment in Paki credit notes. Moscow can then take the credit notes, go back to Pakistan, and buy Pakistan-made items. That requires Pakistan have a very large and vertically integrated manufacturing economy! Not only to make stuff for its domestic markets but to sell on the world market. That requires a disciplined and 20th century Western way of thinking but, it has always worked everywhere it's been tried.

It failed because JEWS wanted to liquidate all that built-in wealth. Keep the JEWS out of Pakistan, establish constructive ties with the Taliban in Afghanistan, trade with free (non-ZOG) counties, and Pakistan will do well.

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