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State tells Detroit man: Pay for child that isn't yours or go to jail!


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Published on 06 Jun 2023 / In News & Politics

Carnell Alexander is a wanted man. The reason? He refuses to pay child support for a child that is proven to not be his. As a result, a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

7 Action News told you about Carnell Alexander in October. He said he was looking for help clearing up a terrible mistake.

Alexander says he learned about the paternity case against him during a traffic stop in Detroit in the early 90s. The officer told him he is a deadbeat dad, there was a warrant out for his arrest.

“I knew I didn’t have a child, so I was kind of blown back,” said Alexander during an interview in October.

He would later learn this happened because his ex needed help caring for her kids.

“I put him down as father to get assistance,” she told 7 Action News.

She didn’t realize that would start a paternity case. The state would want to get reimbursement for welfare benefits from the child’s dad.

A process server turned in paperwork to the court saying Carnell had been notified of the paternity hearing. The paperwork said the notification happened at a house in Highland Park. Because on paper he had been given notice, when he didn’t show up at court, he was legally listed as father by default.

7 Action News found out there must have been some mistake. On the day Carnell was allegedly served at a house in Highland Park, the Michigan Department of Corrections says he was actually incarcerated for a crime he committed as a young man.

Full story at WXYZ

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Lucifer333 11 months ago

It was his ex gf, so even if you break off a relation (because she is trash) you can end up in baby jail for no reason what so ever. DONT EVEN TALK TO WOMEN PERIOD!!! STOP BEING STUPID, THESE WOMEN HAVE BEEN GIVEN A NUKE BUTTON.

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Yeah paying for a kid that ain't his - that is fucking crap.
Punch the judge in the face and kick them down the stairs of the court house.
Fucking cunts - them and the whores.

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TripeSwing 1 year ago

once again, 'Bitches ain't shit but hoes & tricks'. fucking cunts

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Mustang 1 year ago

Purple Pillers please take note of this man's situation!!!

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