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starcraft2 one of my earlier games in 2022, smashed a terran and a protoss on cosmic sapphire with spine crawlers and sh

Published on 01 Feb 2023 / In Gaming

#starcraft2 #zerg #zergnarrowvictory #zergvterran #zergvprotoss #zergrookie #zergvmarinesrush #howtobeatmarinesandtanksrush #starcraft2howto #howto #sc2howto
Filmed on 28/10/2022 AEDT which marked day 24 since I lost my grandma.
Tried a new tactic I recently learned from a zerg master player with 5000+ MMR.. It's apparently a bit harder than it looks at first glance.......
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I've lost my primary source of income to due the covid-lockdowns since mid to late 2021. As a result I'm trying to make myself a full time YouTuber. Thank you very much for stopping by!

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