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Soy Cuck Sociologist Brad Wilcox gets schooled on marriage MGTOW (original air date: Dec 21, 2018)

Published on 13 Jul 2021 / In Film & Animation

⁣original air date: Dec 21, 2018

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SOLID_MGTOW_MONK 2 months ago

In times past they actually got married a lot sooner than 19. Marxist feminazism is what changed all that eventually destroying marriage and the family unit altogether. That was their intent from the beginning. The intent behind feminazism was to implement the age of consent and eventually raise it up high which they did to allow them plenty of time to fully indoctrinate girls away from family oriented plans toward educational plans. By the time girls graduated high school their minds were already set on college. By the time the finished college then it was time to start the independent careers. By the time they were done establishing their careers usually in their 30's it made it too late to focus on family getting married and having children. Those behind feminazism aka the eugenics crowd they knew what they were doing and it has worked near flawlessly.

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