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Something’s Fishy | Grunt Speak Live

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Published on 14 Jul 2022 / In Comedy

⁣You won’t believe what women are using to attract men now. No, seriously. You won’t. Find out tonight when the Crazy Drunk Uncles dive into the cesspool at 8pm Eastern!
#GruntSpeakLive #IsThisRealLife #Vabbing

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QDLLC 29 days ago

Boats don’t have “cruise control” but the throttle is not a dead man’s switch.

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Terry and His Feelings....
He tells ALL the other guys her loves THEM.
He never says it to ME though....
Not that it bothers me, at all ever.. even one little bit.

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Psychesoap 30 days ago

That one 01:23:00 where the chick biffs it on ice trying to break the ice was on one of my Things That Make You Go...

   2    0

When I was a kiddy - thanks to my psychotic mother, I was the heir to the family encyclopedia set... and they were brilliant.. and there was a section on the load carrying capacity of ice, depending upon it's thickness... and I think ice that was 18" or 24" thick could carry the weight of the Flying Scotsman steam locomotive..

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So when people go "Weeeeeee!" off a pier and onto the ice, if it is any more than REALLY THIN - it's basically a plate of sheet cement... If you cannot pop a hole through it EASILY with a hammer, forget it.

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Megan Raping Hoe is a retarded.
I still like her though...
I'd like to meet her and have a subway sandwich with her... "Do you like the foot longs Megan?"

Oh they are out of business?
Maybe she can make me one : )

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TheBigBadWolf 30 days ago

Gnite brothers

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