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Society Is Facing Collapse Because Men Won't Work, Date Or Marry Anymore

Published on 28 Nov 2023 / In People & Blogs

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Explore the societal shift in this thought-provoking video, “Society Is Facing Collapse Because Men Won’t Work, Date Or Marry Anymore”. We delve into the reasons behind men’s changing attitudes towards work, dating, and marriage, and the potential implications for society. Join us as we uncover the factors contributing to this trend and discuss possible solutions.

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The Passport Bro movement is a trend of men who travel the world with nothing but a passport and a desire for adventure. They seek out countries where they are valued and respected, such as Brazil, Colombia, Thailand, and more. This lifestyle offers them an escape from the problems and pressures of their home countries, and a chance to experience different cultures and beautiful women who share their values. We will explore the benefits and challenges of being a Passport Bro, and how this movement is changing the lives of men and women around the world. Discover how you can become part of this exciting lifestyle!


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Toki 3 months ago

Yeah being a minimalist monk I can get by working 15-20 hours a week with zero debts. Waifus come free with electricity. Which I'm already using anyways.
Also the more you work the more you get taxed so it's pointless. All my efforts go to the ruling class first. Then women and other people's brat kids. Reproduction is obviously only a benefit for the ruling class. Unfortunately I won't live enough to know what happens when they run out of slaves reproducing more future slaves.
You could say they could replace all of us with automated tech and AI. But have you noticed how everything is Made in China garbage? So the automation plan will not work because the machines are designed to be serviced and replaced frequently. Tech has regressed for engineered obsolescence payment plans. All these selfish board rooms of these big companies cut manufacturing costs to fuck over the next business who wants to buy a burger flipping robot for example. It might work for a year if you're lucky. Then it's programmed to self-sabotage like a smartphone, tablet, or newer gaming consoles. They don't make reliable NES or PS2 anymore for example. If you've ever had a PS3 or later, or maybe an XBOX you should know what I'm talking about when it comes to tech rolling backwards. Meanwhile you get your old SNES and PS2 out to plug it in. Somehow they still work just fine because tech was quality back then. Same with vehicles, appliances, etc. But remember these corporations care about the environment lol.

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Mustang 3 months ago

That's because Millennial and Generation Zero Men are lazy and worthless!!! What lousy Generations they are!!!

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