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Sleepovers Are Dangerous In Canada - MGTOW

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Published on 18 Sep 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Unmarried Ontario couple had no children and no house but man must still pay support, appeal court rules


Guaranteed basic income tops policy priorities for Liberal caucus

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Juan and here's what he briefly has to say: "Hi Sandman, this is Salvadorian MGTOW. Thanks for the video you made for me called Feminism is Communism in Panties (great title by the way). This is just a Corona Flu plandemic donation." Well Juan thanks for the donation and I hope you're ready for a new level clown world. I've added a link in the description to an article called: "Unmarried Ontario couple had no children and no house but man must still pay support, appeal court rules" unquote. That's where I live for at least half the year. In Ontario, being common-law spouses doesn't necessarily mean having lived in the same home, the court found. I've worked doing photography for family court lawyers here in Canada and I asked them what they would do as less people chose to get married. One of them told me they will change the rules to make sure they still make money from taking common-law marriage divorces, which are an oxymoron because no one is married to court. The man in question a wealthy businessman will now pay fifty thousand dollars a month for ten years to a woman he was never married to and never lived with formally. They went on vacations together and spent time at his cottage as well. So if you have sleepovers with a woman in Ontario, Canada you could be on the hook for six million dollars like him. Actually he was appealing the ruling because they initially told him that he would have to pay her fifty thousand a month for life. The law seems to have been written the way that women think. Common-law spouses here are couples that have lived together in a conjugal relationship continuously for at least three years. But that doesn't mean they are living in the same home. How can you live with someone but not in the same home. Only a woman can have cognitive dissonance like that. Michael Latner the man in question has to pay Lisa Climans, a single mother with two children that weren't even his. I'll get to more about this story in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW Book Collection: Anyways, now back to Clown world Canada. There are a lot of things to this story that helped her win the court ruling. He was referring to Lisa using last name to other people. They were seen at couple outings and he gave her a 7.5 caret diamond ring and took her on expensive vacations. So if you buy gifts for a woman and let her sleep over at your house and you're together with her for three years or longer you could be on the hook for ten years. This guy also sounds really thirsty because he was the one insisting that she sign a marriage contract. But why would she when she didn't even have to get married and she could take his money. Neither of them had joint bank accounts and owned property together. But Michael paid her credit card bills and paid off her mortgage and gave her expensive gifts. My thinking is that the judge Sharon Shore sided with Lisa in part because of female own group preference instead of pure legal president. That's the problem with having either male or female judges. Men want to protect women and women want to protect men. Justice isn't blind. It's gynocentric. The ruling happening in February of 2019 but we are only now hearing about it because of the appeal.

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Malkav Saiya Yautja
Malkav Saiya Yautja 1 month ago

I'll go to jail or morgue before I'll pay a woman, in a similar situation. Click -Click!

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Mrcheddar 1 month ago

I think i finally have the red pill rage. This court ruling is absolutely despicable!

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Atton 1 month ago

In addition there is no timeline in Australia for common law required by any state or territory.

   0    0
Atton 1 month ago

I find it kind of funny that common law even exists, considering by nature if you aren't married. Chances are you do not agree with the terms of legal marriage. Regardless it is even worse in Australia

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Fangs13 1 month ago

thanks for the warning!
looking forward the cursed day where they start breaking into single men's houses and bring up a woman and you must pay her without having met her before EVER. because .. fuck justice and law, kill fairness and logic, farewell sanity, and to hell with freedom!

   1    0
sir666 1 month ago

Just when you think the Legal System ( Not the Justice system ) cannot get more idiotic against Men, it one up's itself. Clown World is truly amazing, is it not?

   2    0
ancientsea 1 month ago

Two minutes before I logged in to MGTOW, I saw a guy tip a girl 400 USD while the other SIMPS applauded him. I was only there for a few minutes and I just can't stomach this anymore. The women and their SIMP soldiers have really locked in the situation. These women want [ and receive ] it all. They suck up all the pleasure, comfort, and ease while avoiding any responsibility, hard effort and discomfort. The men are expected to work like mules and be grateful if they, the man, is good enough for some of her time. In the end the man is disposed of.....the females do not care one ''fig'' for any man, or men in general. Nature seems cruel, but, it is still mens' fault for supporting the new paradym. these men are going to tip the ship until it capsizes.

   2    0
MoonBase 1 month ago

“It’s the only thing we can hope for” - well that’s your first mistake

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MGTOWdotCASH 1 month ago

Get your money out of the banking system and into crypto. Broke guys do not get sued nearly as much.

   3    0
Bobtheman1991 1 month ago

Thats why my money is in precious metals and not in the banking system...

   1    0
One_Ronin 1 month ago

I thought women were proud! I'd be wrong given onlyfans and seek arrangement!

   1    0
One_Ronin 1 month ago

Waiting for this one from Sandman. Wonder if she collects support from the biological father too??

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