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Pimptard Wifestitute-Prince Harry Edition | Grunt Speak Live

Published on 24 Aug 2023 / In Comedy

Even being a royal won't save you from the woes of Die-Vorce! Let's take a look at what his mistake will cost him tonight at 8PM EDT!
#GruntSpeakLive #PrinceHarry #Dievorce

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dach 21 days ago

Lizzo: I hope she loses her ass in the lawsuit. I mean that metaphorically and literally.

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DutchCobbler 26 days ago

Harry was the second place prince, his brother got nearly all of the attention when they were young, then William started looking like his dad, while Harry became "the people's prince" and the limeys loved him. The dude had his pick; wealth, fame, all of it, and could have his pick of women from here to Japan, and he chooses Meghan; a mediocre second hand wife, a marital failure with a princess complex. I never got that, that's never made sense. The man could have wifed up a virgin with 9 or higher looks from a country where women actually respect men, but he went with the feminist that was already baggaged and well seeded by uncounted other dudes.

I wonder if he doesn't have some kind of complex. His military service, fraternizing with civilians; maybe he's feeling guilty because he was born privileged and has spent his life trying to find more purpose than being pampered, and she was his attempt at contrition. It was his life to ruin, but imagine having all of the options he did and choosing her.

I can't get my thinkin' meat around that one.

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QDLLC 27 days ago

My niece is an “art chick.” I worry for her future.

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QDLLC 27 days ago

What about their home in South Park? “We want privacy! We want privacy!”

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Don_Loud 27 days ago

@MungoHairy: Ah yes... Super Bowl 2012! Love that women!

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