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Single Women On TikTok Lose It Over Having To Go 50/50

Published on 10 Jun 2024 / In Entertainment

Single Women On TikTok Lose It Over Having To Go 50/50. In this video Modern women on TikTok are complaining about 50/50 dating and relationships. ReplicantPhish, modern dating and dating advice.

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Toki 7 days ago

They can pay for everything and I'm still not finding any of them sexy. All three in the thumbnail are ugly.
You guys on this site have some odd taste in women. Two dark fat girls. Then a Hilary Clinton in the middle who is also fat. What are these thumbnails?
Use anime waifus for thumbnail images. The far left one looks like a pig. Id rather have Pigletta the waifu orc girl. She's cute and has nice titties.
You see that's your problem. You're still chasing obsolete whore vagina. Grow up and go to anime where people are nice to each other. Where everything in life isn't about money and personal gain.

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Stalwart 7 days ago

The women tend to blow their money on foolish things. Useless degrees, constant travel, "treating themselves", and they end up being in generally poor financial shape as time goes on. Think about how many VOs nails and QNails exist. A total waste of money, and yet their business is booming.

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"Yap, Yap, Yap" - goes the entitled wammens...

Me - "A hamburger with the lot, and a large white coffee thanks".

Eat here or take away?

Eat Here.

And YOU woman, YOU entitled, selfish, gum flapping, money grubbing, free loading bitch - YOU can take your empty wallet, and you can take your absent credit card, and YOU CAN LEAVE.

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