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Hold The Truth Hostage
Published on 27 Nov 2020 / In People & Blogs


SIMP-TAGION; Starts off in the 2010s with local police taking a phone call about what seems to be an abandoned home in the suburbs of New Jersey with a disturbing smell. When the police open the door they come to find that the house is filled with cats that have been hoarded in the house, & it just reaks of death & feline feces. The police barricade the house for further investigations, only to find the deceased bodies of what can only be described as Crazy Cat Ladies that must have been dead for quite some time. The further into the house the police officers get the sicker, then eventually transform into SIMP BEAST, a were-hyena like an animal seeking a female leader of the most sexually attractive & fertile to serve as their SIMP BEAST QUEEN. The infection spreads as the offers begin eating anyone alive & passing on the SIMP-TAGION a virus that seems to only infect men.
As the SIMP-TAGION spreads men with symptoms are forced into hospitals & curfews as well as social distancing practices, while only men with essential work are allowed to work. Yet as much as the local & global government tries to minimize the spread in a matter of months the world is consumed by the explosive rise of men getting infected with the SIMP-TAGION. Causing the world to become an apocalyptic hell whole. Though not all men have given up on saving what's left of the world.

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