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Should I Buy This 2006 Mercedes C230 With 84000 Miles?

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Published on 31 Dec 2021 / In People & Blogs


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sardonicsmile 24 days ago

How can you "see" anything wrong with the engine...?
Do a scan for codes.
Who was the previous owner? Female? Forget it. Maintenance records? Engine seals? Oil pan seals? Weather stripping seals? Leaks? Coolant system? Transmission? Fluids?
You already claim it is for Indians. Probably because a C Class is a typical doctors car.

You are barely breaking even with the Financials with mgtow.tv and you are going on about acquiring a Mercedes Benz, C Class. Go drive for Uber and get your head out of the clouds. Quit acting like you are rich.

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MGTOWMONGER 25 days ago

Find something with much cheaper repair costs and part costs. Mercedes are notoriously expensive to repair! And anything that floats, has wheels or has TITS is going to be really expensive to maintain! LOL... However... if you can get your hands on an old diesel Mercedes don't let go of it! Diesel anything is great, but you do need to find a good diesel mechanic. Ask Hammerhand about good cars! He's a wrench you can trust!

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MilleRacks 25 days ago

Get a Lexus or Audi bro

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Mgtowbrony 25 days ago

Looks nice, but it’s not a good fit.

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FL_Steve 26 days ago

I would not trust Mercedes. They are crap AND expensive to repair. Not a good combination. That goes for all German cars. They are fun to drive but then they break down and you get fucked in the ass on the repair bill. Stick with the Japanese. Not Nissan/Infiniti though. They've gone to shit since the Renault merger.

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