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Shortage Of Black Men's Sperm Freaks Out Feminists LOL - MGTOW

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Published on 05 Dec 2022 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Luciano and he wants me to cover a video about women paying child support by someone named The 33 Secrets. The video is titled FEMINISTS OUTRAGED as More Women are PAYING ALIMONY To EX-HUSBANDS Than EVER BEFORE! At the beginning of the video there's a short clip from an official news outlet and they are interviewing a family court lawyer and he says the reason more women are paying their ex husbands spousal support is because of equality and rightfully so. He says that often they are marrying men that don't make as much as they do and that alimony is calculated through a formula You take 50% of your net income if you're the higher earner and you minus 40% of the lower earners net income and that gives you the basics. But there are also other factors. The lawyer says that whamen have excelled in the professions that pay very well. That's the basic premise of that short clip by the lawyer Peter Walzer and then 33 secrets chimes in by saying that Peter is going to get cancelled for speaking the truth even though there's nothing offensive about it. 33 then goes onto say that the reason women are increasingly getting divorced and forced to pay their exes is because they are choosing to get married to guys that are Chad, Pokey or Tyrone that make less money than her. That such women get all hot and heavy for so super attractive guy and that it shuts down the reason and rationality in their brain. 33 says that a Chad gets to eat free and live rent free with such a woman simply because of his good looks. That she's just wanting to bang him to produce a high quality child. She's also the one that willingly married him. She was probably thinking he's not going to divorce her because he loves her and men don't generally go out of our way to hurt those we love. 33 also says that he hasn't seen women put in jail yet for child support. This video is basically just obvious stuff we've been talking about for years in the manosphere. Luciano I had a hard time getting through the video link you sent me. There's a lot of repetition and only the last quarter of the video is jam packed with interesting information. 33 should have started talking about how Brittany Spears had to pay Kevin Federline when he divorced her. Their relationship deteriorated quickly and didn't last very long. This just tells me that if you're a good looking man you need to go out there and try to find a woman that's a career patsy and ride that pony all the way down the marriage aisle and then to the divorce court. Pretend to be nice but be a
secret gold digger. The better looking your are the more likely you'll be to find some rich sugar momma and once you take her money she'll fall into a denial coma. The thing is that women want a quality man, regardless of income but they don't want the responsibility of having to pay for him when things go south. What 33 is saying is that Chads can get away with almost anything. I'll discuss more in a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The Red Pill Ring:

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Unsocialisme1 1 month ago

They needn't worry about a shortage of Black Sperm at the Sperm Banks. All these White Wahmen that want black babies and lifetime of welfare can ride a bus on down to the ghetto. Plenty of thugs will fill them full of sperm, herpegohnasyphylaids,..... When they come back from Tyrone with a couple of vaginal turds looking for Mr. White Simp, I hope they find naught but crickets!

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sardonicsmile 2 months ago

Amazing, the novelty, of female attraction to thugs. To low level men who's only claim to relevance, that females defend and laud them for, is the size of their penis.
They have no Military Service, Education, career ot business prospects, savings, investments, property, values to speak of; not even proper command of the English language.
Yet, we are inundated with commercials, social movements, government programs, up to and including shaming tactics to demand we treat them as equals in society despite their blatant racism and hatred for everyone and everything that is Not "Black Culture".

Females that go with Black guys are basically rebelling against their parents and trying to seem edgy and trendy. Avoid them at all costs.

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WMHarrison94 2 months ago

Oh Sandman, you made my day.. There's a Black sperm shortage... well, they did say felons need not apply right!? Does that say something about Black men? From our Dieversity movies and TV shows you might have thought Black people were like 35 % to 65 % of our country... oh wait, was is only dark Hispanics that ran across our borders? We White people might be 20% of the population due to the influx?! Oh well, Clown World rules apply now...if you're not ghosting you're doing it wrong...

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