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Shocking assault caught on camera during gas station robbery

Published on 19 Sep 2023 / In News & Politics

This video contains disturbing footage.

CCTV from a gas station in Washington State shows the moment six masked men carried out a robbery, with one of them beating up the female cashier. Leah Johnston was on shift as normal on Friday evening, when the gang entered. She said she’d ‘mentally prepared’ herself to be robbed, but wasn’t expecting to be attacked.

As the others ransack the store, one suspect can be seen hitting Johnston, then kicking her once she is on the floor. ‘Once he started hitting me I pretty much just went into defense mode and I really didn’t see anything after that,’ said Johnston.

Police are now looking for six suspects, who made off in two stolen cars. Despite the attack, Johnston says she will take some time to recover, but that the incident will not stop her going back to work.

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