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Sheikh Imran N Hosein visits the Armenian Genocide Museum and Memorial in Yerevan, Armenia

Sheikh Imran Hosein
Published on 14 Jul 2022 / In People & Blogs

This video provides a video record of Sheikh Imran's visit to the Armenian Genocide Museum and Monument in Yerevan. The video is divided roughly into the following sections:

1. It shows Sheikh Imran walking towards the museum where background and historical information is being explained
2. it shows Sheikh walking through the museum with the guide and other group members such as Alex Thomson while the guide explains pictures and texts
3. It shows Sheikh Imran signing writing in and signing on a museam ledger with the text below
4. It shows Sheikh Imran paying his respects at the eternal flame in the monument and making a prayer
5. A short speech at timestamp of 33:20 which lasts until the end of the video

Ledger text filled and signed by Sheikh Imran related to point 3 above is as follows:

In the name of Allah Most High and with a prayer for peace and blessings on all his noble messengers.
This has been a both moving and painful experience for me to visit the Holacuast Museum and Memorial.
On Judgement Day, both the oppressed and their oppressors will stand before the Lord god for judgement.
The religion of Islam has zero tolerance for oppression.
On Judgement Day the oppressed Christian people of Armenia will receive that which has been promised for the oppressed and their Ottoman oppressors will receive the punishment promised for all oppressors

-- Imran N. Hosein, Trinidad, Tobago, Dhul Hajj 1443, July 2022

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