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Sheep and Wolves. Which Are You?

red maple
red maple
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Published on 12 Jan 2022 / In News & Politics

Mass formation psychosis is trending right now. This is a much better and simpler explanation.

The masses are sheep. All day. Every day. No special conditions are required. They are ruled by Fear and Authority Figures. Always.


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TheDemonKing 10 days ago

and unfortunately,the "strong" which now literally just means "rich" are actually quite evil immoral and fucked up people.
Being strong or weak doesn't make someone moral or immoral. Being poor or wealthy does not define this either.
Overall the world itself has been led to become very selfish,immoral and ultimately destructive to all except the "ultra wealthy elite".
In essence,those in charge of this world have decided to throw the rest of away like we're garbage and our happiness,freedom and love does not matter. And truly to them it does not matter.
They've taken all the worlds wealth,blamed all of us for the greedy evils things they've done to humanity overall,and to this day they are still praised and adored and envied. even though they've deliberately destroyed everything we held dear and stolen our love and happiness before we were ever even born.
And yes I define LOVE as different from SEX
What matters is enough of us survive to rebuild the world after it all falls apart. there is no saving civilization no saving this current iteration of human socio-political climate over 90% of humanity is already doomed there's nothing we can do.
And ultimately,we shouldn't try to save them. They mindlessly followed their feelings and clapped and cheered while all of this was being done. Our wealth was taken,our families destroyed,our culture ruined and now they openly admit they want to commit genocide against us....and most people just cheer and clap and grovel at their feet believing these are the greatest example of human morality.
So I decided to stop feeling bad most of the sheep are lining up for the slaughter and commanding the other sheep to do the same after they have a heart attack. Why should I as a wolf feel bad when sheep follow their leaders off a cliff....and keep running off the cliff after they've seen the other sheep die? Why should I care about these brainless morons who don't have a single thought in their heads?
I say fuck them,let the blue pilled sheep die. It's more dangerous to try to save them because they will just pull you off the cliff with them. The safest most intelligent approach is to keep our distance and stay hidden in the shadows,only working with each other. A pack of wolves has no need for a sheep they'll only get us all killed and for what? So we could brag about how good we are?
Fuck being good,fuck being "moral" this is a survival situation against a tyrannical global government. We have to think about ourselves and our own people,instead of dooming ourselves for the sake of those who hate us anyway.
The question isn't whether or not you are a wolf,it is whether or not you are willing to let the sheep die,and even kill some of them in order to save yourselves.
If someone starts talking about morals and principles,they are just trying to manipulate you into doing something stupid like risking your life for a bunch of brainless sheep who will betray you at the earliest possible convenience. Do not listen to them,do not let them pull your heartstrings in order to make you into their martyr. Do not die for sheep,in the end they wouldn't even appreciate it.

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TheDemonKing 10 days ago

Good men do not seek to dominate others,because they don't FEEL like they want to treat people like that.
Fuck that
If good well intentioned people do not take charge and take power and authority then the worst of humanity will do so.
Every decent man needs to find the wolf within and let it eat the sheep within themselves. If he doesn't the rats will take over and devour him and his children.
Realize being a wolf does not mean a person is evil,doesn't mean they do not have good intent. it just means he's decided not to be a sheep following shepards who only want to make them suffer until they finally kill and eat them!

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Councilof1 11 days ago

If you take that to it's logical conclusion then you end up with psychopaths ruling the planet or humanity reduced to living like animals. Currently it's obvious which of those two scenario's is playing out.

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