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She went from requiring $2,000 bucks in dates to only Netflix & chill REAL quick.

Published on 06 Dec 2023 / In People & Blogs

Just a month ago her requirements were high but what happens when she meets a top 5% guy again? Out the window.

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Her next move is to get sacked and start making wine bottle fucking videos in the basement.....

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saaralgris 3 months ago

She'll never find happiness because her ability to pair bond has been utterly destroyed and has been for quite some time. Textbook definition of damaged goods and it appears she doesn't even realize it.

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DutchCobbler 3 months ago

There is no "in love" that's infatuation. His lack of emotional connection might just be that he's averse to getting attached to easy women.

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JMGTOW 3 months ago

Jana is basically just another Amy WHOREton. Or basically, women being women.

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Jana Hocking - retarded low IQ bush pig.
She is also a closet alcoholic, a slut and an idiot.
And she is OLD and UGLY.


Jana Hocking
Dating Advice

Jana is a collector of kinda/sorta boyfriends and dating stories. She has worked in both TV and Radio for the last 12 years, including a stint as a dating producer for The Bachelor. As the dating columnist for news.com.au she can often be spotted in a dark wine bar with a potential suitor. She hosts the dating podcast Jana with a J and is also a regular commentator on Studio 10 and Triple M's late night show Danny Lakey Live.

Channel 10 TV is a fuck hole of a TV network, and Triple M is a shit hole of a radio network.

They are ALL lying cunts and idiots..

Of course she got a job there - stupid people encourage stupid people to be stupid and to buy the products (usually shit like McDonalds) that they advertise.....

Jana - Have more of the BOOSTER SHOTS that you and your fucking network so eagerly promote.

Stupid Cunt.

She is just a porno mag without the paper and as dumb as a fucking fence post.


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She and low IQ lying shits like her are about all I need to send every TV off to the recycling center for scrap for all eternity.... Australian TV is just a shit hole of retarded lying scumbags...... Their adds, "Eat Mc Donalds, Eat Mc Donalds, Eat Mc Donalds" - revenue and profit from promoting poison food. Their nightly news, "The obesity epidemic, The obesity epidemic, The obesity epidemic" - And don't forget "Take your blood clot cancer shots - Yeah!" - Fuck Hocking and every other cunt of a human being on those shit head networks....

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sauger1001 3 months ago

Actually, the fence post probably understands it's purpose, unlike this waah☻️man. FENCE POST! for the win. Lol!

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@sauger1001: Yeah like I am glad that other guys are reporting on Cocking Hocking and her retarded bullshit..... But honestly - I wish they would not....... Looking at Cocking Hocking - is kind of like slipping over on the nature stip and going face first into a big pile of steaming dog shit... She is fucking repulsive - She is repulsive to look at and she is repulsive in character. It's not my place to tell other guys what to make light of or not, I just wish that I could get through life without ever having to lay eyes on her ever again....

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