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She Wants Me To Read Her Mind! But There's Nothing There! - MGTOW

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Published on 17 Apr 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This videos is brought to you by a donation from Teaven and here's what he has to say: "Hello Sandman, This topic is about women who think men are mind readers. I find it very annoying that women refuse or are unable to just speak what they want to say To a man. Unless they're those nutso ratchet women. I don't know if it's a way of trapping us or they believe in the BS that feminists tell them about men. One time when I got lost I pulled over and asked random person how do I get back to Chicago. At 1st she stuttered and then began to answer my question. But after a while I notice she looked very uncomfortable talking to me. So then I asked her If I was making her uncomfortable? She had one of those fake smiles and set no. I could tell she was lying and so I said never mind I will try to ask for directions from someone else. And if you're wondering why I didn't just use my GPS, well the battery my phone died and my charger broke. Cheers" Well Teaven thanks for the donation and topic. I think you've answered your own question as to why that woman looked at you weird and was uncomfortable when you asked her for directions. What are the odds that someones phone and gps are empty and they don't have a working phone charger? Why wouldn't you just go to a gas station and get a new charger at that point? you have to get a new one anyways. She probably thought you wanted her to get into the car and go back to your secret lair for some forced dungeon room fun where no one would ever see and hear from her again. You also find it annoying that women don't tell you what they want from you. They don't want to tell you what they want because they are afraid you'll act differently than you normally would and they won't know what you're thinking or feeling. Also have you not considered that the reason women want men to read their minds is because it's a shit test? That there really isn't anything in their minds to read in the first place. The man that tries to read their minds is trying to read a fart. Women play the part of the female chameleon reflecting ourselves back at us with their behavior. So have you ever considered that if they tell a guy what they are interested in he'll just play the part of the male chameleon instead? Deceiving them and using their own desires as a vulnerability against them? I'll discuss more in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Surviving 4th Wave Feminism: Anyways, now back to the video. The nutso women that tell you exactly what they want are usually desperate and have been rejected so many times being themselves that by telling a man clearly what they want they are making it all about being super easy to unleash his trouser snake. It's hard enough for them to get a man hard so why make it harder than it needs to be. I don't think it has anything to do with feminism when women are honest. It has more to do with desperation for a man that's out of their league. But getting back to the idea of a woman wanting a man to read her mind I believe it's all about misdirection. If he's burning his brains cells trying to figure out what she wants all the time then I believe it serves a few different purposes.

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ElHombreporsuCuenta 19 days ago

It turns out that once, a Man was walking alone down the street and found a lamp. He takes it, looks at it, and rubs it.
Suddenly a genie comes out of the lamp, looks at the man and says, in a strong and serious voice:

_ You have freed me and that is why I will grant you a wish.

The man looks surprised at the genie and says:

_ A desire? But there are not three, perhaps?

The genie looks at him sternly and replies:

_ Not! Just one wish and nothing more!

_ Okay, okay -said the man- a wish is only okay for me ...

_ In that case, hurry up before I regret it -said the genius, increasingly angry-

The man thinks for a moment and then says:

_ I want a twelve-lane highway, perfectly paved and illuminated, just for me, to be able to go where I want and at the speed that I want.

The genie exclaims, totally enraged:

_ ARE YOU CRAZY ??? DO YOU THINK THAT I AM GOD ??? Ask me for something more sensible, more coherent, more rational, more realistic ...

_ Okay, okay ... do not be angry -said the man- let me think about something else ...

_ Okay -said the genius-

The man then thinks and says:


_ THANKS GOD!!! -exclaims the genius- what is it about?

_ I want to know what women want, I want to know how to please them, how to make them not complain, how to make them always happy and satisfied, in short, I want to UNDERSTAND WOMEN.

The genie, remains silent for a moment, thinks, thinks ... looks at the man and says:

_ With how many lanes did you want your highway?

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havok545 19 days ago

it's an old joke but it's a classic!!! and funny cause it's TRUE!

   2    0
ElHombreporsuCuenta 18 days ago

@havok545: 'Oldie but goldie'...Or is it 'Oldie but goodie'? ... whatever, it never goes out of style. Greetings.

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ElHombreporsuCuenta 19 days ago

When I saw the movie 'What Women Want' (2000) I thought that it would be a great advantage to have that capacity since it would provide you with important benefits when interacting with them. But then I came to the conclusion that far from being an advantage, it is actually a disadvantage.

By the way...

What became of the first man to finally understand women?
He burst out laughing before he could tell anyone ...

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Duugus 19 days ago

Just one more demand by wahmen.

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zdoctor 19 days ago

typically i find they all are riddled with empty minds.

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havok545 19 days ago


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