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She Rapes Boys, & He Stayed By Her Side - Super SIMP!

The Realist Philosopher
Published on 15 Mar 2021 / In Entertainment

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hepennypacker 3 months ago

I would divorce that cunt before the ink was dry on her grubby paws

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DruidVW 3 months ago

Remember, when axe wounds rape underage boys, the Kosher press will never call it "rape".
They will use all kinds of colorful language to avoid calling these assholes what they are.
"Had sex with"
"Had an affair with"
"Slept with"
"Had a tryst with"
But never
It quite stomach turning.
Equality my left testicle.

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TurboStriker 3 months ago

And then they wonder why #MGTOW is growing ????

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Mademyownway 3 months ago

Look at that dude. No wonder she was banging a 15 year old. That guy is a limp simp.

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Hammerhead69 3 months ago

Often the case with these sick bitches, the hubby will stand with her. Weak dude, no wonder she was banging kids who were just as weak as the husband.

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SQUEAK077 3 months ago

I remember a french teacher in HS i learned french from and i wanted to date her so bad but didnt know she was a lesbian.... ect.

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