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She Left Me For A Rich Guy, Now She Wants Me Back - MGTOW

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Published on 10 Oct 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

Today's video is once again not brought to you by any donations as it now seems that Covid-19 is finally starting to effect donations as those stimulus checks stop being spent. So be ready for a bunch of videos in the future that will be just my own topics from mostly Reddit or with regards to what's going on in the celebrity world out there with regards to rich men getting divorced. As for this video what I'd like to do is cover a reddit post called: "Ex Wife left me for a rich guy. Now she's single and wants me back." and here's what the user Silly Happy Coffee posted and I quoted: "My ex wife left me for a rich guy. He promised to buy her a big house, a new car vacations etc... This was one year ago. He never did any of that and now she's single and begging for me to take her back. GYOW" unquote. Doesn't everyone just love it when we hear of a monkey branching story going bad. Of course not all situations where the woman leaves you for a rich guy have happy endings. I knew one guy where his wealthy friend ended up stealing his wife. You often hear stories about women cutting off men from their male friends. But when she doesn't cut you off from your wealthier and better looking friend even after you've had two children with her and your friend is still single you really have to wonder now don't you? So if by some crazy chance you're a married guy listening to this and the only friends your
wife let you keep after getting married are the wealthy and attractive one now I've probably made you wonder. I'll discuss this and more in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The Brave Browser: Anyways, now back to clown world. This story kind of reminds me of that film from the 80s called Look Who's Talking with John Travolta and Chirstie Alley. Growing up I thought her character was the victim because she got pregnant by some rich guy that she worked with that promised her that he would dump his wife and marry her instead. I saw her as the victim. But now I see it as her deciding to keep the kid not because she was pro choice or anything like that but because she was trying to use the pregnancy as leverage to get that rich guy to leave his wife. Later in the film she does what every single mother in Hollywood does. She finds herself a good looking man that's willing to provide for a child that isn't even his. In the second part of that film franchise she gets pregnant again and has a daughter with him to cement the deal. She's a merciless mammary merchant using the creation of life to try to control men with her cooch. In that film franchise there was no lesson learned that trying to trap a rich guy with a baby is a bad idea. It comes down to a woman that tries to monkey branch to a successful rich man from the man that she's currently with miscalculating both of the emotional attachments of the men she was trying to screw over. The sad things is the guy on this Reddit post that rejected his ex wife coming back by going his own way is probably the exception and not the rule. The ex wife figured that she could leave him and that he was so in love with her and or he couldn't do any better than her that he would gladly take her back. Look if you don't believe that then look at what happened with Will Smith. He still takes back Jada Pinket after she got pumped by August Alsina. He isn't even a wealthy guy. He probably just saw her on that Batman show and thought she was sexy when he was drunk one time. I remember in my mid twenties when I broke up with my first adult love I still had feelings I needed to resolve for a couple of years.

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Brian Coley
Brian Coley 2 months ago

Feminists are LYING. They don't believe in equity. The more resources and opportunities are showered on women, the higher they climb, the men they're married to, she now feels superior to and she despises him. What the hell happened to equality? The better off she is the more arrogant and hypergamous she becomes.

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Freeatlast 2 months ago

My brothers wife started moving up the corporate ladder in banking. She then started messing around, and my brother caught her. They divorced, and then she came crawling back. Unfortunately they remarried. About a year later the cycle repeated. Once women go woke, it is time to burn the bridge. They are in full monkey branching mode.

Women that move into good paying jobs start meeting men with good paying jobs. They will start humping those men, it will happen every f-ing time!

   1    0
Trevor 2 months ago

My ex wife cheated and tried to slide back into my life when things went south with a new boyfriend a year later. I politely declined and never heard from her again.

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Jazzipan 2 months ago

Remember one thing. When women "wake up" and become "traditional" again, they are not genuinely sorry. They just realise they have pushed things too far and want something, anything, to fall back on.

Women always want the win, always.

   9    0
wild_prepper 1 month ago

Woman is the embodiment of selfishness. Being called selfish by woman is the same of being called assassin by Stalin.

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 2 months ago

Typical female narcissist. They disgust me so much.

   6    0
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