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She Had an Affair While Our Daughter Was Dying | Grunt Speak

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Published on 14 Sep 2022 / In Entertainment

⁣Having an affair is one of the most evil things you can do to a spouse, especially when one of your children is dying.
#CrazyDrunkUncles #Cheaters #RedSuppository

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Calling All Stations
Calling All Stations 19 days ago

Ah, the "accidental pregnancy". I've observed it happen to quite a few people over the years and the only one that appeared legit was a couple in their 30's where she was told by two doctors she could not get pregnant. All the rest were a man trap. Timing is everything and it usually happens when she's afraid he'll get away. It's shocking how cavalier women can be towards bringing a child into the world.

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Terry is Super Duper Human,
He is bullet proof,
And he has a fly.
Until he hits the roof.

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TANGO666 20 days ago

nice. now you know what targets to pick off.

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BigBrianUK 20 days ago

Women see their role in society as to insult humiliate nag and provoke men. They get sick sadistic pleasure in inflicting pain and damage to you and your life.

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AcquireZeal 18 days ago

TV tells them to do it and the law ties men's hands so we can't stop it. This is absolutely socially engineered.

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WMHarrison94 5 days ago

@AcquireZeal: So is Hell. These women were engineered to go to Hell via Women's Nature unless a righteous man leads them away. Many Muslims believe this. It's a feeling that started in the Middle East in the Middle Ages: I want to say Syria was the origin.

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AcquireZeal 5 days ago

@WMHarrison94: This is much, much older than the middle ages. And it's not a Muslim thing, (real) Christians believe the same. The sermons of the apostles, when unpacked, say the same: Ephesians 5 tells men to love their wives (in the sense of God's love, including punishing them for misbehaving), and it tells wives to obey their husbands. It makes a metaphor of God at humanity's head and humanity obeying God, and the husband at the wife's head and the wife obeying the husband. What does this mean, other than that a woman needs a man to bring her to God?

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WMHarrison94 5 days ago

@AcquireZeal: There was a powerful and influential sect of Islam, which advocated women were not human but demon. She could achieve her salvation and humanity by marrying a man, raising his kids, and obeying him. That was what I was referring to. OF course this is older than Islam. It's human nature. I believe this is partially why the Divine Feminine was "removed" from Judahism despie the fact that the majority of Israelites held into it outside of Jerusalem and the writers lied abolut what was going on in Jursalem too. We know from Archaeology what else was going on.

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AcquireZeal 5 days ago

@WMHarrison94: I do notice again and again in the old testament that goddess-worship is prohibited, and in specific terms that would only occur if people were actually doing said things. It's unfortunately not expounded why it is wrong to do this, what specific evils it leads to and in what order. We had to find out the hard way.

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