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She explains how she manipulates men


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Published on 02 Apr 2024 / In People & Blogs

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bigintol03 17 days ago

They're ALL worthless lying, manipulative CUNTS!!!

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Dutch Cobbler
Dutch Cobbler 17 days ago

They don't wear makeup and spandex to not manipulate others.

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red maple
red maple 17 days ago

No talkie talk. Only suckie suck. Good girl

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Mr_Sluggo 18 days ago

LoL... whenever a bitch comes to my face asking for a favor, I cut her off and say NO. Never give them a chance to start the grift, Every time they open their mouths, there's a grift incoming you way.

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Councilof1 18 days ago

That's some kindergarten level manipulation. She should realize she's manipulating easily manipulated men.

The best way to manipulate a person is to get them to think it's their idea, not that I used to do things like that lol. I think I could teach her a thing or two about manipulation. Thankfully I'm walking a better path in life now.

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