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She called out her privilege as a woman

Jay K
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Published on 16 Feb 2021 / In Film & Animation

⁣She called out her privilege as a woman

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Mgtow_economics 2 months ago

She kinda looks a bit like a man. A weak man, but a man nonetheless.

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ExperimentalGroup 2 months ago

The points she is saying are true, but we knew this was true before she had said it. Female privilege exists. Even the completely indoctrinated female gender studies/ underwater basket weaving major libtard woman knows in her head that these are simply trump cards hidden up here sleeve to be used at a time when she needs them.

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Max_Dominate 2 months ago

Wow, I feel so understood. Bla-ha!

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Generationless 2 months ago

Call it out all you want. Until the system changes, nothing will.

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Drums McBashington
Drums McBashington 2 months ago

Ha! I was just going to say: That's nice, call me when she does something about it. Yours sounds nicer.

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anonmachina 2 months ago

In observing that she recorded and published such a video denotes she is simply.... ATTENTION WHORING.

No, IT did not, 'call-out it's privilege', but instead, it is proffering yet ONE MORE ACT in an attempt to obscure the actuality, to attain access, to infiltrate, to destroy.

CHAMELEONS, nothing more.

It is an error to believe innate nature can be transformed sans transformation of biological makeup.

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Drums McBashington
Drums McBashington 2 months ago

More than likely correct, but there are some anomolies in nature from time to time. No matter though, even if she is legit. An ocean might be made of individual drops, but they don't matter much once they're in the ocean.

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sorearm 2 months ago

Wow. A woman with some self awareness.

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SchemeHub 2 months ago


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acelaken 2 months ago

cant save the system its over she's preaching to ghosts

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awol201 2 months ago

This just let's us men understand , that fefails know the cold blooded truth, in regards to the horror show called reality that we MEN face .

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RichardHead 2 months ago


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