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She Banged Another Man To Make Me Jealous - MGTOW

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Published on 04 Apr 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Artur. He didn't give me a specific topic so I thought I'd share a story one of my viewers named Hexadecimal shared. His story is called Romance Horror and here's what he has to say: "Hi Sandman, I have a friend with benefits who I was planning on making my girlfriend, maybe more. I threw her a surprise birthday party, the first she had in a long time according to both her and her family. We invited everyone, even apparently her ex boyfriend (her parents did that not me). We had a trip planned to a theme park the next day, just her, her brother, and myself. As the party is ending, she tells me I need to go home, normally I spent the night, I wonder what'sup, but she tells me she'll pick me up tomorrow with her brother. She arrives outside my house in a newish vehicle I recognize as her father's friend, her ex boyfriend is driving. As the day proceeds and we arrive at the park it becomes clear that he spent the night at her house. I don't mention it all all. Her brother and I split off and I ask him how it was with his friend sleeping in his room and if he snores. He laughs and says, he didn't sleep in his room, he slept with his sister. I don't mention it for weeks and then she tries to throw something in my face about how I flirt with girls in front of her and I say, Oh yeah? I haven't banged any of them on my birthday though. She obviously knows what I'm talking about. She keeps trying to act serious or jealous with me sometimes and I'm like oh? Yeah? You want to be jealous? How about you throw me a surprise party and we'll invite my ex girlfriend and I'll send you home so I can bang her. The nerve of those ovaries of women sometimes, it's amazing. I'll never trust her as a monogamous partner after that. It's clear she's not trustworthy in that regard, which is fine, we're friends with benefits. Honestly, if she'll do that to me, if she does get married I'll probably be the guy she cheats on her husband with, or maybe it'll be her ex boyfriend again." Well Artur thanks for the donation and thank you Hexadecimal for sharing your story with me. I'm surprised you normally spend the night at her parents house banging in her bedroom? Now they are ok with another man sleeping with their daughter in the same bed. Talk about messed up parents. Obviously they like him more then they like you. You're still both very young if that's the case and I guess her parents are ok with her making decisions in her life. You're friends with benefits. More like you're in a polyamerous relationship and who knows how many other guys are coming over at her house on her, no pun intended. I applaud you on your very sneaky way to get her brother to spill the beans to you that the ex boyfriend was there. He probably thought you already knew for sure and that both you and the ex your sperm were racing each other up her womb to see who could get her preggers first. You might as well name you sperm sea biscuit. Before I discuss more let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Chris Whalen:

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Yeah when a woman does this "make you jealous" bullshit, just put plenty of vaseline on your boots, so she doesn't take it with her, when you kick her out of the hallway, into the gutter out on the street when she belongs. End of story.

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These women are fucking ugly.... Like old Ukranian bar sluts.... They do not light up the room with their positive air. They all look like they would stick a knife in you for $5.

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Nirelfsen 1 month ago

Please Mr Sandman stop putting pics of beautiful women on your videos, the majority of women are average looking. Women that have rejected me dont look like 10s.

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Jicamama 1 month ago

couldn't do monk mode without the doll
still can't believe how well it works for me
relationships have no appeal
can talk to my dude bros about ANYTHING and probably even more topics than i could with a girlfriend
for love i'm lucky to still have family members to hang out/talk with
relationships/marriage with women is a construct

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Giridhar12345 1 month ago

Monk mode the best

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Vandetta 1 month ago

Look I had a rough Childhood because of a Woman who wasn't my mother, this Woman was abusing both my Father and I and used having a Kid with my Father to trap him in a relationship with her, Eventually he broke free and took my half sister with him and they're well.

Does that experience stop me from wanting to have my own Kids when I'm older?
No, it just pushes me to either wait until cloning and genetic engineering is available or I'll go down the segregate mother path while maintaining genetic engineering because I want a Son. My drive is to be the best possible Father from my point of view.
Personally that means I'll teach my Kid everything he'll need to look after himself at a young age, while also getting him interested in all the actual Sciences while including PE, how to socialize, Human Psychology including Male/Female Nature and the most important thing Manners. Essentially I would want my kid to be a genus - hence better than me.
I'll also push him to be creative and allow him to learn how to use that ability.
And I base my view from how I would have loved to have been taught all these things at a young age instead of being allowed to watch fucking useless kid shows and play with useless toys.
I'll try to keep him away from Negative News until he's older because that shit causes depression.

All of the above a parent Mother will attempt to stop, mostly Subconsciously but there's very clear instances where its a conscious effort, that's how they limit their kids and I see my own mother doing that with my two little brothers and it pisses me off because Just about every skill they have I've taught them.
Currently I'm 18.

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TheWealthy1 1 month ago

Unless you are an alpha western women will treat you as disposable.

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sorearm 1 month ago

Another worthless THOT

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Mgtow_economics 1 month ago

Shout out to the Accountant! Good idea for a red pilled accountant to sponsor mgtow content.

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MgtowSmurf 3 1 month ago

Avoid women, problem solved, your welcome.

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havok545 1 month ago


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ElHombreporsuCuenta 1 month ago

Some women are so wicked and shameless that they do not hesitate to sleep with another man, even if that man is not to their liking, just to make her husband / boyfriend jealous.

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Drums McBashington
Drums McBashington 1 month ago

They are able to this as they view us as anything but human. Their defender, their dildo, their bank machine, their resource distribution center, a means to an end. They love men the way parasites love their hosts. Not. At. All.

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scott sanger
scott sanger 1 month ago

females NEED MEN to survive so they manipulate, deceive as a way to survive..........MEN dont need females so playing female games is a distraction and one that is LOST many times.............MEN need to focus only on their ' game '.

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scott sanger
scott sanger 1 month ago

Females can never be fwb....... her biology drives her to make an emotional connection........... ALWAYS. MEN treat sex like urinating.........TWO different mentalities....... either she feels a need to impress you always.......... OR SHE IS GONE. Females never do anything for your benefit.......... if it does not benefit herself................. all in all , females are VERY VERY expensive with a very poor ROI.

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sauger1001 1 month ago

Happened to me same way. Was dating a waahman who was 5yrs older than me (she-57, me-52). Found out (through her stupidity/arroganca) she was banging another dude. Only difference is we weren't fwb, and (thankfully) we never smashed. Left her at a bus stop in Chattanooga several weeks later.

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Terry Rodbourn
Terry Rodbourn 1 month ago

This is why you never ever “friends with benefits” girl because she is probably a serial cheater as full grown Women! She will never be just yours!

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