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She's Why Women Shouldn't Work!

Published on 02 Feb 2023 / In Entertainment

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profhugodegaris 2 months ago

WHAT IS FUCKING SICK (as she says) IS ...
that this future man slaving, divorce raping, parasitic, vermin, woman, is unconsciously assuming that some man is going to work 40 hours a week, to pay for her food and lodging. To masculists, women who think like this are labeled "fluffies". To masculists, fluffiedom is man slavery, and man slavery is slavery, and hence hated and a war issue. Masculists are at war against fluffies, and aim to wipe them out, by effectively exterminating them, by totally ignoring them, not even pumping and dumping them, so that they die a slow miserable death, rotting on the shelf, manless, loveless, sexless, babyless and spat at.

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Mr_Sluggo 2 months ago

I guess this bitch forgot that many companies don't use florescent lighting anymore.
Nowadays, most of them use LED lighting to save on energy costs.

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