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She's Using Me For My Body - MGTOW

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Published on 11 Apr 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Kevin. He's got a bit to say so before I get to it let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Chris Whalen: Anyways, now back to the show. Here's what Kevin has to say: "Hi Sandman, Thank you for your work on my previous video. I wanted to reach out again about what I've been up to lately and another scenario I have found myself in. Ever since I recovered from my red pill rage I've been on a mission to adopt a hybrid beta/alpha stance. On the beta side, I'm continuing work at my start-up while also working on 2 other businesses on the side. On the alpha side, I hired a personal trainer, completely revamped my wardrobe, got the Invisalign treatment, and have overall enhanced my appearance dramatically as well as developed a 5 am disciplined regiment. So now I'm making a lot of money but I also look amazing. During this process, I have attained A lot of attention from women. But this time the kind of attention is very different. I currently have my own harem. I essentially have 3 different girls that I can call whenever I want and have no strings attached sex. The weirdest part is how they are all completely content with this and have no problem with me banging other girls as long as they can have a piece of me. All of them go on and on about how attractive I am and how I must have amazing genetics. They love how I satisfy them in bed and take complete control of them. But here is the catch, none of them want me as a long-term option. I completely call them out on their mind games and shit tests and every time I do they look at me like I'm a wizard. One of these, in particular, is an Asian woman that I have unfortunately caught feelings for. She is a therapist with a master's degree in psychology that is visiting my area for the next few months and by far throws the craziest mind games at me. I completely dominate her but I feel like she is slowly working her way into my head. She is incredibly reserved and tells me how she is incredibly curious about my behavior and spends a lot of time analysing me. This girl is literally driving over an hour to see me. On top of that, she keeps wanting me to cum inside of her every time we meet. Just 2 weeks ago, she came out and told me that she had been using a fake name and when she told me her real name, she followed it up by blocking me on all social media. Why? Why does she insist on me spending so much time with me but is working so hard to keep me out of her life. I confronted her about it and she told me that she thought it would be easier for me when she has to leave and go home. But I don't know if that's the full truth. I know what she is telling me logically but we both know that women aren't logical creatures. There must be some hidden underlying purpose for her actions as well as the others. I guess the main reason why I'm so shocked is that I'm so used to women wanting me long-term and now they don't. Even though I'm a complete catch. I know I shouldn't complain because I logically don't want a long-term relationship, I just don't understand the sudden change in behavior. One last detail, when I confronted her about blocking me on social media, I threatened to leave if she continued to disrespect me. She immediately got very nervous and unblocked me. I wonder if this in itself was a shit test to see if I would let her get away with it?" Well Kevin thanks for the donation and topic. At first with the Asian woman I thought she was probably married to some other white male and she wants your baby and not his by getting you the wizard to cast his magic cock spell up her wizard sleeve vagina. I thought that scrubbing you on all her social media was done so her significant other won't find out about you and her cooch creaming ways. It still might be. If the truth of his existance is out there someone where like the aliens in X-Files then she could easily lie about you and say she met you at work.

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Vandetta 25 days ago

Sandman no shit I just created an equation to measure how evil someone can possibly be based from psychobiosocial, childhood and societal conditions.

I'm going to test my equation tomorrow on some people at a small party I'm going to tomorrow and I'll see if I can come up with a number out of 100 to measure them by based from the data I can collect, it's not perfect but you can definitely put a number to it and compare others to it.

The goal is to be able to determine the likelihood of them acting bad and how often.

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hqwebsite 28 days ago

He had his first red pill rage. Turned purple pilled. He probably needs another dose of red pill. The second red pill rage could save him if the law doesn't get to him first.

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CanberraMGTOW 28 days ago

A man without purpose makes women his purpose.

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RoboCat 28 days ago

As I understood human psychology (Increasingly red pilled) more, especially female psychology, I gradually became more isolated from everyone around me. I felt like I couldn't talk to women about anything and talking to a man requires extensive vetting because most men are strict cucks/manginas.

Nowadays when I see people like that or hear stories from Sandman about guys that keep jumping through hoops for women (alpha/beta hybrid stance = supplicating in hopes getting the approval of women). It is incomprehensible to me now. It is completely alien. All I can think of is "Why even bother? just walk away, you won't regret it." , this is especially true of guys like "Kevin" that seems to have his shit together aside from things related to women.


On the off chance that Kevin is reading this, here's what you do; *Stop* looking for long-term relationships entirely. Keeping women on hand as a distraction when you feel like it is fine and you already have this. There are no NAWALT/unicorns out there, you have to reflect on what you have achieved, who you are and where you want to go from here. Self-actualize and change your mindset because you are actively trying to sabotage everything you've built. You will be warned again and again about this, if you ignore the warning, you deserve the brutal divorce-rape that you will get.

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Duugus 28 days ago

She's pregnant. You will find out in nine months.

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ElHombreporsuCuenta 28 days ago

I honestly don't understand this guy. On the one hand, he improved his person by gaining physical well-being, money, self-esteem and enjoying as much sex as he wants. But now it turns out that he complains because none of those women take him seriously and as if that were not enough it seems that he wants to formalize a relationship with one of them ...


There are two kinds of Men:
1º Those who make mistakes and learn from them so as not to repeat them.
2º Those who make mistakes and not only do not learn from them but even insist on repeating them.

If you stumble once on the stone, it may be the fault of the stone for being there in your path.
But if you stumble on the stone again ... then definitely the fault is all yours and no one else's.

Obviously, this guy has learned absolutely nothing and deserves everything ... ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING bad that happens to him.

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RoboCat 28 days ago

Slow down. I agree that he is on a terrible path, but no one starts out with all the right answers. He donated to Sandman and asked about this situation which means he is still trying to figure things out. It would be better to try to give him advice than to just bash him for doing something incredibly stupid like his plan to seemingly find a NAWALT or maybe even to wife up one of the sluts. Let's hope he figures it out before then.

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Sir 28 days ago

That Asian woman is Blatantly playing Mind games with this Guy, Kevin.

Furthermore, since she clearly Admits she is Returning to her Home country in a few Months, then that's even more Reason to Pump & Dump and not Give a thought to this Asian thot.

I've dealt with Foreign women like this in the past. And they're always More trouble than they're Worth. Thus, those Women are a temporary Pump & Dump at most or just avoid them altogether.

In conclusion, Kevin, should keep these Women as his on-call Sex slaves and nothing more. At this point he is in the Superior position compared to the Women.

Otherwise, if he pursues things any further, he loses the Advantage and Risks everything with the tables turning a 180 degrees in the Women's advantage & Benefit.

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Terry Rodbourn
Terry Rodbourn 28 days ago

Women always chases Men with Money! It seems that modern girls are all becoming Gold Diggers!

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TheWealthy1 28 days ago

It's more than that. Women feel entitled to the entire package. I have money and drive a 200k super car but I'm under 6ft and overweight. They don't even give me a second look. Which is 100% ok with me. I'll play for it if I really want it.

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TheWealthy1 28 days ago


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RoboCat 28 days ago

@TheWealthy1 : Spot-on. I remember when I was young, I would be distressed that I couldn't catch women's eye the way those types of men could. Nowadays, I view this as a blessing. The less I have to deal with women, the better.

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