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Published on 12 Sep 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Matthew and here's what he has to say: "Hi Sandman, I have recently just left a relationship and I am trying different hobbies like getting into shape and understanding stocks better. I will continue to date, but I don't wish to settle down. I wanted to ask you a topic that caught my mind. You spoke of independent women in your videos in the past, but I wanted to ask if a sugar mamma even exists to the MGTOW philosophy? Thanks and I appreciate your content. Keep up the great work." Well Matthew I'll get to your request in just a moment but let me first tell you about today's sponsor Ancient Purity: Anyways, now back to the video. I've done photography at quite a few weddings where there were older women and younger men. At first on the surface it looked as though these women were more successful with regards to their career and
probably had more savings and assets then the younger men. Boy was I wrong. Even though some of them were with men that lower status and lower pay jobs the guys still have more money then them and they were ten or even fifteen years younger in many cases. I thought to myself that hypergamy presents itself even when the woman was going to be the first one in the pair wearing thirsty depends. The younger guys were just happy they weren't with the sourpuss women from their own generation. So if even older women with younger men want a guy with money what is the likelihood that there are actual sugar mommas out there. The only reason I could think they are out there is because the top men are getting harder and harder to date because they have as much choice as they want through dating apps. They also have as much sexual variety as they want so if you're a plain looking thirty something year old woman that's got a successful career and you want a hot man in the top one or two percent to give it to you up the rear on a regular basis then you might have to pay for that poop chute privilege. Matthew your question is a strange one. Do sugar momma's exist in MGTOW philosophy. They exist. I'm assuming you want me to pipe in on what MGTOW philosophy might say about guys that choose to provide services to Sugar Mommas? There are the high profile ones like Madonna and Tina Turner that have had much younger and more attractive men for decades now. From my experience women that are far more financially successful then the men they are with tend to treat those men with abuse. As if they aren't good enough for them. That's been my
observation. So if I met a rich woman that wanted to be my sugar momma she would see herself as having authority in the relationship and domination. As Jordan Peterson has said before and I've quoted him there's a lot of pleasure to be had from short term domination of a romantic partner.

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Sentient_Of_Truth 1 month ago

ppl on this website who know my channel and my responses, expect me to be funny.

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Sentient_Of_Truth 1 month ago

i'm sorry sandman lol. i couldn't resist the call.

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ancientsea 1 month ago

An older woman may appear to be helping you, and that is an interesting notion. I don't think they are going to help you improve and to watch you go down the road after she has made such an investment of time and consideration. Instead, I think it is a trick. The older woman is going to groom you for some object of her perception. If she realizes that the male will allow her to do this she will turn you intoher pet. Women are born tyrants and they do not accept a subordinate position unless in time the advantage is theirs.

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anonamoose 1 month ago

Hate to think of what a woman who needs to pay looks like. Yikes.

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Wolf_joseph 1 month ago

Payed pity sex sounds like rape and robbery if she ever decides to fuck you up

   2    0
Hammerhead69 1 month ago

Hate it when women think they can rent me as if were some whore, that's her role. I don't trust a woman who needs to pay for it.

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Councilof1 1 month ago

I personally couldn't fuck a woman I wasn't interested in for money.

Pity sex and women trying to get me intoxicated to get me to fuck them always pissed me off. I never agreed to pity sex and when women tried to get me intoxicated I'd accept the alcohol then leave them high and dry. It was always middle-aged women that tried the intoxication route, usually it was the mother of a friend or girlfriend. Dirty old broads lol, I discovered early on that women were every bit as lecherous as men.

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Sentient_Of_Truth 1 month ago

same, i'm way too picky lol. i remember an old Tom Leykis episode when he talked about fat old women need love too and i was trying really hard to not gag as he said it. i tried to follow his advice at the time, but ultimately i couldn't go through with it.

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