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Shaming Men for Wanting Sex

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Published on 11 Aug 2022 / In Film & Animation
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profhugodegaris 2 months ago

There are only a few MGTOWs I listen to regularly (due to their high intelligence) and you are certainly one of them. When I listen to you, I get the strong impression you are masculist in your attitudes and expectations (e.g. don't marry, don't live together full time, have your own place, favor women who are FIPs, STEMmers, etc. ) but I do get the feeling that you have not yet evolved into becoming a political masculist, i.e. one who fights to change the gender laws, so that men automatically, are not divorce raped, forced fathered, manslaved, etc. When you start talking about establishing the GECs (gender equality committees) in the parliaments, legislating the Parer (paternity rejection right), the OPTAB (obligatory paternity testing at birth), etc., about the need to verbally butcher MFBs (monoconscious feminazi bigots) who suffer the delusion that gender oppression is a one way street, etc., THEN I'll know that your have become a radical masculist, analogous to the Pankhursts, who pushed hard for the right for women to vote, "Deeds, not words!"

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FL_Steve 2 months ago

I don't buy it. That's just an excuse. Who doesn't like an orgasm? The wives that "don't like sex" just don't want to fuck their husbands. If a Chad came along and whipped out his cock these same women would jump right on it. The problem is they can't get the Chad and that makes them resent their beta husband even more.

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