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Sex Toy Review: AcmeJoy Snowflake Sucking Tightening Vibrating Masturbator (Sponsored)

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T F Monkey
T F Monkey
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Published on 12 Apr 2022 / In Entertainment

⁣⁣15% off code: TFM27
⁣Product Link: https://bit.ly/3DIb5hM

Background Music: "Fingers" by Otis McDonald. Courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library.

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JustinPeanuts 8 months ago

These toys are getting better all the time. Adding this type of toy to love dolls/robots as a removable component will enhance them significantly at minimal cost.

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hqwebsite 8 months ago

It's welcoming to see more and more devices from China embracing USB Type-C connector. This should be the forthcoming trend for everything small electronics. That aside, this toy looks promising. Whomever made this certainly have done some research.

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DutchCobbler 8 months ago

But can it bruise a banana? I think that should be the strength metric. How much can this toy wreck the common Cavendish?

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