Screaming Witch Encounter in Skyrim

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Published on 23 Oct 2019 / In Comedy

(Originally posted on YouTube by RavenJuiceShow who was banned.)

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blackeagle 2 months ago

Just imagine that as your girlfriend or wife.

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Fangs13 4 months ago

this is how they speak .. the banshees.
and why is she wasting products on the floor?
she has no respect for anything. not the money, nor the public space, nor self dignity, .. nah nothing.

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Necatoramericanus 6 months ago

That's why you should impose limits to your kids

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Councilof1 7 months ago

That's just insanity.

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AngryCoffee 8 months ago

Just use the bible and quote it from start to finish and then have the church come in and use the sacred rights of god to drive the devil out. I bet you once the holy water comes out that cunt will run like marilyn manson at a all church review.

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Bagoodman 8 months ago

It's all weeemon can do scream like a retarded child. !

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 9 months ago

What do you call a fat landwhale who’s constantly addicted to Twinkies.

Jabba The Hutt

D |_______
C |____| |___________

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KEEPER 12 months ago

lol i almost expect someone to play along. get someone pretending to be a priest while using his crucifix and saying the power of Christ compels you!
the power of Christ compels you!
the power of Christ compels you!
the power of Christ compels you!
next time we will get these idiots and use their crazy stupidity against them.

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KEEPER 12 months ago

maybe add in a little water as holy water to throw at her when she gets too close.

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edud_eeffoc 1 year ago

WTF? Demon possessed?

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Brian Coley
Brian Coley 1 year ago

Even the goat sounded better than this stupid female!

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mgtow411 1 year ago

She's what real feminist scum is all about. I hate and despise feminist with every spec of my DNA.

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KEEPER 1 year ago

Oh god! WTF? This is your average liberal woman. She's screaming because she needs her rights taken away.

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