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School for Sex Workers | Ride and Roast Teaser

Terrence Popp
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Published on 21 Oct 2020 / In Comedy

⁣The world's first online university for online "influencers" specializing in sex work just opened. Oh boy....
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The article: https://archive.vn/Vdcj0

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gchase 2 months ago

I have only two questions about this 'college course'...
How do they pass the final exam?
Aaannd...What do they do for, 'extra credit'?

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Fangs13 4 months ago

whoever is into oversized butts and undersized boobs .. was raised by 2 men .. without a mother. because they have no bloody idea what a female charm is like. they are completely deprived of knowledge about the female beauty

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Lucifer333 4 months ago

Sexdolls, there is no escape unless you go ape

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Lucifer333 4 months ago

Wut, a camgirl is now a *sex influencer*? Gtfofh

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Lucifer333 4 months ago

I was silent for 10sec reading this, then i realized, .. its 2020

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bin4ry_d3struct0r 4 months ago

This "university" is totally stupid, but no hate to sex workers. I'd rather a woman pay her own way in this world than spend her life as a welfare leech.

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edud_eeffoc 4 months ago

The only way these females make money is if morons subscribe to their channels. Anyone who pays for porn today is an idiot. If porn is your thing....it's free (well, you have to invest your time...but no cash). Stop paying them!!! It's not worth one cent of your funds.

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Johnny_Cage 4 months ago

I knew a dude back in Florida that admitted to doing that. He was addicted to the personal attention she would give her subscribers; even a sentence or two with a special pic written by her would excite him. I lost most of my respect for his thirsty, pathetic ass when I found out the extent of his spending on these whores. This guy was a very high-earning mid-level manager of a huge alcohol distributor; he had a wife and several kids, and was 'religious.' Lots of these dudes are wasting a huge portion of their paychecks on these fucking whores, and they don't even care about the damage they do to the sexual marketplace, or how they feed these girls' insane egos. Most of us have trouble getting some decent women because the women think most or ALL guys are pathetic like these SIMPs out here ruining everything. The money these fucking dumbass SIMPs waste would be more than enough to sustain a single MGTOW living a minimalistic lifestyle! The amount of money funneled right into these lazy whores' pockets is just unreal and sickening.

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jmafa1957 4 months ago

How about "Kameltoe Harris?"

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Lucifer333 4 months ago


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Councilof1 4 months ago

Online girlfriend experience? That exists?! Wow.

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wroger_wroger 4 months ago

Yah $50 for 2 or $100 for 2 plus and executive grade online whore. Cheep, Cheep, Cheep.

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TheBrewjo 4 months ago

Small tits, big booty- For your consideration I submit AJ Applegate. For everything else, there's Adria Rae.

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MadMarine4212 4 months ago

theres no place like hoe! I spit Irish whiskey all over my key board! lol

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Codexman 4 months ago

Sucking on titties and you get cholesterol. Thanks for ruining my day guys ! I got the 5 dollar tier and I love the content. Common you horndogs join us on subscribstar

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Sho Shuto
Sho Shuto 4 months ago

You need a class for this... ^_^

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wroger_wroger 4 months ago

So which of you is the head master and or head mistress? AND who is the top and Terrence.... who is the bottom?

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BillyWiz 4 months ago

I like small titties; remember those big titties and long legs at 20 become long titties and big legs at 40. Great show gents!

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