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Scammer Opens My Camera, But Is SHOCKED By His OWN Webcam!

Published on 31 Jan 2023 / In Non-profits & Activism

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Scammer Opens My Camera, But Is SHOCKED By His OWN Webcam! In today's video, a webcam scammer will connect to my computer and open my webcam, but he is going to find his own webcam instead!

Nanobaiter video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?....v=yrIeX6S8Hl0&ab
Nanobaiter Channel: @NanoBaiter
Midnight's Channel: @MidnightSB

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Scambaiter, scambaiting videos where we destroy scammers their operation after hacking / ratting the scammer their computer. Memz, nanocore, anything will be used to destroy. Inspired by people like Jim Browning, Kitboga and Scammer Payback.

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Head Shots - with a hand gun....

"Hi I am from Microsoft - We have a fault with your computer.... "

(But I don't use Microsoft...)

"Can I stab you in the face?"

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KEEPER 2 months ago

i wish this channel didn't blur their details, because fuck these people, they do not deserve this kind of protection.

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KEEPER 2 months ago

but he's probably doing it because youtube prevents sharing these details, i say it shouldn't matter if it comes from a scammer, the whole world should know who these dipshits are, fucking hang these people by their balls if we must.

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