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Saving the Nuclear Family from Destruction | Mr. and Mrs. @Elliott Hulse | Full Speech

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Published on 27 Jun 2022 / In Entertainment

​@Elliott Hulse and his wife Colleen Hulse speak at The 22 Convention 2021 (for women) of 21 Summit. Get early bird tickets to the next 21 Summit coming to Orlando Florida this fall at https://21studios.com/21-summit/

#nuclearfamily #traditional #family #familyvalues #elliotthulse

#MWGA #MakeWomenGreatAgain #HouseWife #HomeMaker #Home #Family #FamilyValues

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#nuclearfamily #traditional #family #familyvalues #elliotthulse

#MGTOW #Manosphere #MensRights #RedPill #men #man #menshealth

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InfiniteMushroom 2 months ago

You want to save the nuclear family? Go straight to the destroyers of it! The JEWS.

While you're at it, MARRY YOUR OWN BLACK WOMEN. Mudsharking is a mortal sin against God and Nature, and it's worse than premeditated murder. White trash bitch grossly disrespects her own ancestors and ends their line by race mixing. The Negro male is just wanting to score Reparation Points by getting a White bitch. There is no love in that.

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