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Save Our Boys!!

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Published on 02 Aug 2021 / In People & Blogs

Exposing the education system abusing our boys

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This is all far too much.... He was 12.... Uggghhhhhh too young. Way too young.

But I remember when I was at school and we were around 15, 16, 17 - and we had a sizzling hot student teachers... we all wanted to fuck them, and the girls were the same with the hot young male teachers...

So where does the point lay between pedophillia / sexually abusing children lay AND the biological drive to breed?

I think the issues have to be decided on a case by case basis and consideration of the age appropriateness or NOT and the harms done.

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AvyScottAndFlower 2 months ago

The WORSE women become,
The MORE they're gonna try to ABUSE children SEXUALLY,
While being increasingly VIOLENT to them, at the same time
An absolute NIGHTMARE, for a boy

Because women understand/FEEL,
The more toxic they become,
SEX is the only thing LEFT for them, to try and lure men in

(the only ''carrot''; the STICK being, the ever-increasingly growing COMMUNIST GYNO-STATE).

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