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Sacrificing your children to the Moloch Vaccine!

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Published on 15 Apr 2021 / In Film & Animation

The devil wants his due!

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Kryptos Logos
Kryptos Logos 6 days ago

Look what y'all are doing

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SQUEAK077 13 days ago

parents should be s...hot

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This is a hard thing to watch....... I will be glad when the human race turns on the health depts, the government, the scammmy hospitals and the mmanufacturers of these bullshit extermmination injections......

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AntiCuck82 21 days ago

speaking of diseases of today. Has anybody heard something about a misterious brain disease going on on canada ? that killed 40 people and some people are correlating to the "zombie apocalypse" plans of the pentagon ? Conop 8888 or something?
I dunno if thats the best video but something like this:
(for some reason it's very hard to find videos about this in english, but there's a lot of brazilian youtubers talking about that )

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TelepathicRapist 20 days ago

man i just looked at that, i didnt hear about that, hopefully is doesnt get bigger. the dude is saying that they think it is environmental but we will see

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KEEPER 21 days ago

Moloch is a name or term that appears several times in the Hebrew Bible, primarily in the book of Leviticus. The Bible strongly condemns practices associated with Moloch, which appear to have included child sacrifice. Traditionally, Moloch has been understood as referring to a Canaanite god.

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Mustang 21 days ago

Someone please tell me those Sheeple Parents DID NOT inject that poor baby with the Shot Of Death!!!

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