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Published on 19 Feb 2021 / In Other

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Go your own way guys

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cmdr_kerman 10 days ago

Zhirik. He is a fucking commie and a tool of the Kremlin, but i love him

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Doggk 7 days ago

He's the kings fool ^^

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smileyman 12 days ago


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Noodlez009 14 days ago

This is why they will never stop us, MGTOW is beyond the constraints of politics and borders. Men around the global have collective started to wake up from the new world order dream, which is a gynocentric globe to feed the insatiable hunger for women as they tear down countries built by men.

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lyhyemmat 15 days ago

Russia is awesome, I want to be friends with this man for the rest of his life
I feel exactly the same, I accomplished so much after going MGTOW that I am literally unable to spend more than a few minutes with a woman outisde of sex

And even that it's not important anymore, sex dolls are much better...

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FarmboyCustoms 15 days ago

russians are the best besides commies ofcourse

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lyhyemmat 15 days ago

Stalin killed all the commies, the rest was just good old autocracy

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Fangs13 15 days ago

women are literally a human blackhole, she keeps eating and eating and eating EVERYTHING IN HER FACE and she never will be satisfied, until she dies, unsatisfied.

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Mgtow_economics 15 days ago

This is exactly how I felt with one of my exes. A black hole. An emotional vampire. At this point, it's just better to go own way, and make a deal with a surrogate.

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Hammerhead69 15 days ago

Buy that Man some Vodka and let him preach the truth.

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UnwillingVillian 16 days ago

Perhaps this is a good example of what I mean when I refer to conservative feminism. Conservatives will chastise liberals for being feminazi cunts (rightfully so) but then turn around & talk shit like 'you're not a real man if you're not a husband & father.' or 'a man should never hit a woman.' even if she hits him first. Conservatives are AT LEAST as feminist as liberals.

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mrghoster 16 days ago

This is an old Video but I found it when I was just a new born MGTOW baby all that time ago! lol! I Agreed then with every word he said, and I still DO! by the way who was the "Trannie" in the room with him? I'm "Indifferent" to the female completely now, but women are destroying the cultures of the West in particular but buying into the corporate communism? they say women make the best communist's? As a MGTOW Monk and a Stoic, I have no reason to need, want, help, or even listen to a female ever again. Life has also become SO trouble free as well with out that species! lol!

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Doggk 16 days ago

I remastered it, dropped better subs, better jokes on it ;-)

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PlazmoidialSoup 13 days ago

@Doggk:I wonder is this where boots and cats came from..?

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Doggk 13 days ago

@PlazmoidialSoup: Maybe ^^

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Councilof1 16 days ago

I like that guy. I'd buy him a drink. Plus the intro music reminded of a Russian fight vid I watched year's ago.

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Wolf178 16 days ago

Like I always tell these FEMONS, MGTOW and red pill are world wide because female nature is world wide.

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Codexman 16 days ago

Splendid video. Give this man a trophy for speaking the absolute truth! Russian woman are awesome lays but crappy long term investments. This man speaks truth!

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sauger1001 16 days ago

Femons (Solomantv), can't live with them (men live 10 fewer years than them), can't kill them without the white knights with badges and robes, taking away your freedom, but at least leaving you with your sanity.

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